Back from NYC.

I think I grew a little in New York.  At least an inch, even if you can't tell just by looking at me.

This trip was needed for so many reasons.  I needed to learn, needed to meet other writers and illustrators and I needed to grow.  The SCBWI conference was wonderful, I took a lot of priceless information back home with me to Denver.  So much information that I got a headache my first day back trying to figure out where to start and what to do.  I can't let all of those gems wither away or die.  Have to keep them fresh and use them as soon as possible.

But what I really needed to was to just relax and let everything sink in.  That helped.

This was the best packing job ever for a trip but since I needed bulky things like sweaters and hoodies, I was still looking like a pack mule.  I had my purse, camera bag for the 40D, one bag of luggage and computer bag sans computer for my portfolio, sketchbook, etc.    So one thing that was sacrificed due to time and my sore back was picture taking.  I didn't even take that many pictures because by the time the conference was over for the day, it was dark.  I love natural light.  So there's that.  I had my cute little hotel room that was four blocks from the Grand Hyatt where the conference was held.  I am glad I brought all of my layers because it was cold walking the streets of NY!

That cold wind cut through me and I've never been cut that deeply by the cold.

Thursday, Day One -

  • arrived in NYC
  • checked out some stores (H&M wasn't saying much, I was hoping for cute finds!)
  • took a cab to Ray's Original Pizza (the pizza was good, not great)
  • walked literally 5 steps to Cafe Habana, delicious grilled corn!!
  • went back to hotel and called it a night

Friday, Day Two -

  • Illustrator's Intensive - listened to talks by Lisa Desimini, Paul Zelinsky and other published illustrators.  It was intense but I'm glad I went, we even had to make a piece for the workshop.  Snow White and the Seven Dwarves - Birthday Party with a Twist.
  • Entered my portfolio into the Portfolio Exhibition
  • This was the only day I could see the Tim Burton exhibit at MOMA so I ducked out a little early and went to the museum.  Seeing all of these pieces that I had only seen in magazines and books was overwhelming, so many beautiful pieces in person!  Took a video of the work by Orozco too.
  • The museum closed at 8 p.m. and I had to pick up my portfolio by 9 p.m.  So that was perfect! I didn't want to leave the museum and I was starving so I had the most beautiful (and delicious) bowl of chickpea soup.  Even the kid's booster seats were designed well.  I ♥ MOMA.
  • Checked out the MOMA Design store, picked up portfolio and crashed at hotel

Saturday, Day Three

  • Bounced from talk to talk during the conference.
  • Heard a talk by Peter Sis, he cracked me up!  I have always loved the poster art for the movie, Amadeus.  Peter Sis illustrated that!  I had no idea, so I had to buy a couple of books and get them signed.  Plus, his art is just amazing and his life story is incredible.
  • Met members from the Rocky Mountain Chapter of SCBWI
  • Met up with my friend Jessika, we've been friends on the internet forever and now we have met in person.
  • She took me on the subway for the first time, checked out another MOMA Design store in SoHo and I bought this Alexander Girard LOVE print half off!  Score!
  • Finally were starving so we went to Joe Shanghai for soup dumplings and more.  So good, I dream about them from time to time.  Yum.
  • Came back to the hotel and crashed out.  Latest night so far in NY.

Sunday, Day Four

  • Last day of conference - Jim Benton spoke, peaked my interest in art licensing.
  • Autograph party
  • Time to run to the airport

One of the girls from my local chapter was on the same flight home as I was so talking made the time go by faster.  Which was great since our flight was delayed.

Amazing trip and amazing people.  I love NY.  

If you lasted this far reading, you should see more pics on flickr.

Goodnight Fergie. Goodnight Bono.

U2 is the BEST! We had so much fun and it was well worth the trip to Phoenix to see them perform. Epic. I have seen U2 IN CONCERT. I can't believe it. They did about three encores and that set they had was just amazing. Today we slept in and took it easy. A lot of the stores are the same in Phoenix as what we have here. I was curious to know if they had an IKEA there since we had some time to kill and it turns out that they do. Everyone has one but us I guess. So we went over there, that was our last stop before it was time to get ready to fly back home.

I could literally live in an IKEA. There were some planters I had my eyes on but we didn't have enough room in our suitcase. It was so nice and hot out in AZ, I thought we dodged the weather bullet but it was cold and snow had dusted our poor car. I only packed some heels and some sandals so I was freezing.

That was the coolest thing ever, happy birthday to us.

Up, up and away!

taking flight Our flight to Phoenix leaves in a couple hours!  We are going to celebrate our birthdays and see U2 in concert!!!  So many exclamation points!!!

Ciao peeps!

We just made it.

We went up to Guanella Pass this weekend and just barely caught some color change action.  So many trees were naked already, their leafy clothes all over the path.  This will remind me to never go this late again, always to go some time in September.  The drive was so nice though and we just enjoyed the mountains, the quiet and even saw some horses.

I love checking things off of my to do lists and today I crossed off cleaning up the office.  It sounds like I am always cleaning and I am, sorta.  Ever since Raul and I moved in together, we have had stuff.  Major stuff.  So we got rid of a lot but we had gifts from the wedding, big boxes.  I like to keep those boxes just in case something goes wrong.  Well at this point we are past the one year warranty so some of those boxes could go to make room for other things.  So on and so forth.  So now I was actually able to pack the closet with ninja-like stealthiness.  ;)  It looks great in here.  It has been awhile since we've had a "everything has it's home" sort of atmosphere.  If the sun comes out tomorrow I'll take some pics.

I'm eager to work in here tomorrow.  Juices are flowing.

Again with the painting.

My friend told me I am obsessed with painting.  Do I talk about it a lot here?  I hadn't noticed.

I kept getting these emails from Pottery Barn talking about how they work with Benjamin Moore and if you attend their event you can get a free paint sample.  My mom said she would come with me so that was the plan for today.  I did learn a few things like when you are looking for paint, bring a reference item from home.  Also look at the paint chip the same way you would look at the wall you are painting.  So if it is the ceiling you want to paint, put the paint chip over your head and look up at it like you would the ceiling, etc.  As for the color wheel, I have that drilled in my brain so that wasn't new info for me.

We walked away with coupons and now I think I want to paint the office in Vapor, a really light gray.  I'm interested in their green line, Natura.  The part about quicker drying times and less toxic fumes made my ears perk up.  Might have a painting project soon, don't tell Raul.  Shhh.

*Just went to the Benjamin Moore website and there is a paint app for the iPhone.  Be sure to turn down your volume though.

Happy birthday Baby!

brunswick I am pooped.

Started off the day with a walk at Cherry Creek Reservoir at 9 a.m.  Got my husband birthday breakfast since today is his birthday!  He chilled out and relaxed while I did my hair.  Then we were going to meet up with his mom, brother and my parents for a sushi dinner but his mom got sick.  The surprise was that Lindsay and Dave were showing up to dinner too.  Raul almost saw their car when we were parking, he is so much more observant than I am.

I ordered an ice cream cake from Coldstone so that came to the table for dessert along with with a big loud round of Happy Birthday singing.  The cake was delicious, Coffehouse Crunch.  If you haven't tried it, try it.  After that we went to go bowling and the other surprise was that our friends Bryce and Sandra would be meeting up with us there.  Raul's face was priceless.

So much fun to be surrounded by friends and family.

I hope you had the best birthday!  I am a lucky and blessed girl to have you.


Crochet Taggin'.

ladies fancywork society I used to knit so much more back in the day.  Hats, scarves, one pair of fingerless mittens, etc.  I would visit Knitty all the time and Magknits when it was around too.  Oh and Skinny Rabbit too and I have been following her since Captain Destructo was teeny tiny!  Love her.  I have yet to join Ravelry though.  Really should do that, maybe I'll make a scarf for this winter.

When going to my brow appointment downtown yesterday (much needed, hallelujah!) I spotted this cozy on a tree.  I heard about this before but never saw it in person.  Pretty cool, everything needs a cozy.  Why not?  This one was by Ladies Fancywork Society.  I wonder how long it's been there.  Work it ladies.

Chef E.

fall gradient I'm not sure what is going on, must be something in the air, I am cooking a ton.  I think I got burnt out on eating out and there you have it, cooking all the time.  With no accompaniment of baking right along with it.  My sweet tooth is still strong but sweets aren't as tempting when I am working my butt off in the gym.

These twice-baked potatoes were tasty and quick.  Made this Mushroom Poached Chicken with Fingerling Potatoes and Carrots.  Flavorful and fast as well.

I did need a small break this weekend so on our date night we went to Hapa Sushi and then Gelazzi for dessert.  Jo had told me about gelatinis and I had never heard of them before.  A gelatini is a drink that is a combo of martini and gelato.  Then I saw the drink on Food Network and they were featuring Gelazzi and it is here!  We had to go. The gelato was great.  Shared a triple chocolate gelatini, dulce de leche and cookies n' cream.

Time to flip through the new J.Crew catalog, goodnight!

Fun times with Stubbs.

I didn't get a real walk in so when we said we were coming over to our friend's house for grilled steaks, I said I wanted to walk Stubbs.

I had a whole different idea of what the walk would be like.  Stubbs is a hefty dog and I've seen him amped for a walk before so I thought he would pull me and make the walk hard.  Uh, yea, not exactly.  He would pick up a little speed and then gingerly sniff here and there, just taking his time.  Didn't bust a sweat but still had fun with one of my favorite dogs.  His personality is just too funny.

Hope you had a great Labor Day!

Sir William turned one!

The main event planned for today was William's birthday.  Andrew and Chloe are now proud parents of a one-year-old and they announced there is another baby on the way due in April.

William is just the sweetest little cherub baby ever.  Happy birthday little guy!