Here is a list of tried and true favorites from art supplies to books, curated for you*.  


My watercolor setup from essential watercolor brushes, paper to paints.


Alvin Mechanical Pencil -

0.3 is the best for small details and refining my work.

Princeton's Cat's Tongue Brush -

This watercolor brush is so versatile!  I can paint full paintings just with this brush because it is small, can form a point, holds a nice amount of water....I could go on and on.

Artograph Lightpad -

I sketch out ideas, bring the sketches into the computer for enlarging, print out the new image and then I can transfer my sketch to my watercolor paper with my lightpad.  It's thin and the light is very bright.



Leuchtturm - Love this for bullet journaling because it has numbered pages and dot grids instead of lines.  That changes EVERY. THING.


Benro Selfie Stick - This tripod is a dream to work with for shooting art videos with my iPhone, even has a remote shutter.

*Some links may be affiliate links (which means I get a small portion of your purchase) but you can best believe I only share things I love and could talk on and on about regardless.

MY children’s BOOK

Queen Quail is Quiet is a fun book to help with learning the alphabet, especially all of the sounds possible from each letter.  Super cute!

best watercolor books

I made a video talking about the best watercolor books for beginners and you can watch it right here.

Watercolor Solutions by Charles Reid - Charles Reid is one of my favorite watercolor artists, his style is so good.  This book is a great resource.

Watercolor Painting - This was a book that I kept renewing at the library and finally just bought it.  It's that good, great tips and technique.

Water Paper Paint - great resource for exploring watercolor with fun projects that go over layering, mark making, multimedia, etc.

best watercolor supplies

Fluid Paper - An afforable hot press paper that comes in so many portable sizes.

Home and personal development Books aka maintain your sanity

How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind - This book is all about baby steps when it comes to keeping your house/work space tidy.

online Learning sites/Platforms

Interested in creating graphics in PicMonkey? Check it out here!

Teachery - The online teaching platform I use for my self paced courses like Color Mixing for Beginners. This course teaches watercolor painting for beginners step by step.

Skillshare - My number one online learning love!  I have taken classes about watercolor, photography, design, hand lettering and how to run my Etsy shop.  I cannot recommend it enough!

Creative Bug - Absolutely amazing, I take classes by artists I love like August Wren and Lisa Congdon.  So so good.

Watercolor Resources

Watercolor Artist Magazine - focused on traditional paintings of landscapes mostly but still applicable if you are interested in an illustration style.

The Mind of Watercolor YouTube Channel - so so good, goes through everything imaginable to improve your watercolor technique.

Fluximagery YouTube Channel - My channel where I have first impressions of art palettes, speed paints and more.