I often get asked what I used for my watercolor paintings and what I recommend.  Here is a list of tried and true favorites from art supplies to books, curated for you*.  

online Learning sites/Platforms

Skillshare - My number one online learning love!  I have taken classes about watercolor, photography, design, hand lettering and how to run my Etsy shop.  I cannot recommend it enough!

Atly - So many art classes be it photography or photoshop illustration, love Atly!

Creative Bug - Absolutely amazing, I take classes by artists I love like August Wren and Lisa Congdon.  So so good.

Ruzuku - The online teaching platform I use for my self paced courses like Color Mixing for Beginners.


My watercolor setup from paper, paints to brushes.


Alvin Mechanical Pencil -

0.3 is the best for small details and refining my work.


Princeton's Cat's Tongue Brush -

This brush is so versatile!  I can paint full paintings just with this brush because it is small, can form a point, holds a nice amount of water....I could go on and on.


Carbon Black Matte Ink -

Dr. Ph Martin is the best at black inks and this india ink is waterproof and ultra matte.  


Leather Pouch -

A portable pouch is a must to hold pens/pencils/erasers on the go.



Artograph Lightpad -

I sketch out ideas, bring the sketches into the computer for enlarging, print out the new image and then I can transfer my sketch to my watercolor paper with my lightpad.  It's thin and the light is very bright.



Moleskine Cahier Journal - Buttery pages for sketching, thin enough for travel and super light.  Love all of the extra sketching room and they come in packs of three.


Belle Calligraphy Kit - I work on my hand-lettering with the all in one oblique and holder that this kit comes with.  It's the best.


Artist Sketchboard - This helps me create anywhere with it's portable and hard surface.

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Leuchtturm - Love this for bullet journaling because it has numbered pages and dot grids instead of lines.  That changes EVERY. THING.


LePen Drawing Pens - I love thin pens and these are wonderful.  Cute, slim, beautiful color range.  Pretty much perfect.


Quilter's Ruler - Necessity for drawing straight lines in my journal, the best.

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Benro Selfie Stick - Heaven sent.  Dream to work with for shooting art videos with my iPhone, even has a remote shutter.


Bohm Headphones - So comfy and so easy to use.  These bluetooth wireless headphones are amazing.  They keep a charge forever and they easily connect to my iPhone or iMac, love! Perfect when my baby is napping on me or I need to get into the zone and edit YouTube videos.


Bracketron Car Mount - Dash and Windshield - This mount is perfect because it has no sticky stuff, just a super strong suction cup.  Also holds my phone securely while rotating 360 degrees.  

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*Some links may be affiliate links (which means I get a small portion of your purchase) but you can best believe I only share things I love and could talk on and on about regardless.


Queen Quail is Quiet is a fun book to help with learning the alphabet, especially all of the sounds possible from each letter.  Super cute!

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Creative Illustration by Andrew Loomis - This book is so great for composition as well as all elements of design/art pieces.  Amazing.



Mixed Media Portraits - Wonderful instruction for drawing portraits.


Watercolor Solutions by Charles Reid - Charles Reid is one of my favorite watercolor artists, his style is so good.  This book is a great resource.


Painting What You Want to See - This helped me get out of my head and improve my drawing skills.

Watercolor Painting - This was a book that I kept renewing at the library and finally just bought it.  It's that good, great tips and technique.


Water Paper Paint - great resource for exploring watercolor with fun projects that go over layering, mark making, multimedia, etc.

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watercolor supplies

Multimedia Watercolor Sketchpad - Spiral Bound - The texture of this paper is light and the paper can stand layering, one of my favorite watercolor journals.


Fluid Paper - An afforable hot press paper that comes in so many portable sizes.


Collapsible Paint Cup - This goes with me everywhere, the perfect little water cup for painting.


Strathmore Mixed Media Sketchbook - A sketchbook that works well with all types of mixed media.


Liquid Pencil - Great for shading, awesome find.

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Home and personal development Books aka maintain your sanity

How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind - This book has completely changed my life.  It is all about baby steps when it comes to keeping your house tidy, maintained and livable.  Swear by this book and recommend to EVERYONE.

Miracle Morning - Game. Changer.  I NEVER call myself a morning person.  I am not a night owl either (yea right with 2 kids 5 and under), but I am a believer of waking up early now.  I have been implementing this book and now I have been waking up between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m., for consecutive days.  I'm working out and I'm the most productive I've ever been.  It's truly unbelievable, try this out.

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