Hi, I'm Erika & I ♥ to create

I believe in dreaming big, having fun and taking time out to do what makes you happy.  I paint super cute playful and whimsical character illustrations for kids and kids at heart.  

My work has a place in home decor for chic baby nurseries, girl boss office spaces and children's books; instantly making your spot cozy and uniquely you.

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When I was a little girl, I remember grabbing thick waxy crayons and making marks.  Turning those marks into scratchy rainbows, crude houses and little stick figures that represented my family made me so proud.  I started typing up stories on my mom's typewriter and adding in little illustrations with crayons and colored pencils.  Outside of art, my other favorite thing to do was watch Disney films like Bambi and Dumbo.  

Dumbo stood out to me because the thing that made that little elephant clumsy and imperfect, his HUGE ears, turned out to be what made him special and do the impossible.  With those ears, he could fly!  He made the impossible possible and his quirkiness made him special.  Once I realized being a quirky artist was possible too (thanks Dumbo), I pursued that dream even harder and I taught myself how to draw and create illustrations.  I eventually went to school to refine my skills and started digital illustration and painting with watercolor over 10 years ago.   I finally achieved my dream by publishing my first children's book, Queen Quail is Quiet, in 2013.

My heart is with watercolor and I have worked with it ever since.  Now my passion is to create beautiful and heartwarming handmade art in the form of prints, paper goods and fabrics.  Read more