Hi, I'm Erika & I ♥ to create

I believe in dreaming big, having fun and taking time out to do what makes you happy.  I paint super cute playful and whimsical character illustrations for kids and kids at heart.  

My work has a place in home decor for chic baby nurseries, girl boss office spaces and children's books; instantly making your spot cozy and uniquely you.

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I am a watercolor illustrator who is passionate about helping others make their dreams a reality.  Be it the nursery of their dreams, office of their dreams, etc. I fell in love with painting with watercolors, started making personal pieces and then I just never wanted to stop.  I love helping others find happiness in their home spaces by decorating them with my art or giving my art as thoughtful gifts. 

Creating lovable art others relate to brings me joy. I use my gifts to connect people - their interests, their values and their stories. I also invest a humongous piece of who I am in everything I create and then share with the world.  My customers get to enjoy a space in their home that finally feels right.  A put together space for their little one that they have always dreamed of.  Not "showroom perfect" but "their room perfect", handmade and imperfect but home.

I believe that everyone deserves a safe and cozy place to reset and I love that I can help create that through creating pieces others love and connect to. I'm positive you will find something super cute that you would want to hang in your home in my site shop or my Etsy shop.

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