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welcome fellow artists

As far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to draw but felt like my art was nothing but 1 dimensional stick figures.  I taught myself how to draw and create digital illustrations in 2006.  After having success with computer generated art, I still could not get the organic feel that I loved in my work.  I sketched, studied and started painting with watercolor in 2010.

I was dedicated to teaching myself and this hard work strengthened my storytelling by leaps and bounds.  I finally achieved my dream by publishing my first children's book, Queen Quail is Quiet, in 2013.

However, my heart is with watercolor and I have worked with it ever since.  Now my passion is helping other people connect with their creative side.  

I feel like it's a horrible shame when people who wish they could be creative feel like they can't.  So I have started to make instructional materials for others to connect with their inner artist.


Carefree Color Mixing Video course

You are going to learn how to create fabulous color palettes in no time flat.



You will learn how to have color harmony in your paintings.

let's paint together!

Do you want to set up time to paint together real time and 1 on 1? Click here.