Watercolor Swatching - Designs by Rachel Beth Half Pan Singles

Happy Friday! I’ve missed you TONS and here is a watercolor swatching video using some single half pans I’ve purchased from Designs by Rachel Beth on Etsy. Working with handmade watercolors is so special and different to buying from bigger brands. These work beautifully and you need to see these colors in action.

The only thing that is missing is getting an extra palette for mixing your colors before painting on the paper. so I use one like this, so helpful since these don’t come in a tin.

Hope you have a great weekend!



P.S. If you want to see a quick video with painting tips and tricks, you can watch it here!

Natasha Tarpley Book Reading - I Love My Hair

Natasha Tarpley - Check out her book here!

Earlier this year the girls and I were able to hear I Love My Hair read by the author, Natasha Tarpley. We attended the 2nd annual Children's Festival of Stories, we met Natasha and she graciously let me share this reading with you.

It was amazing and the first time I got to hear the story so it was extra special. My patrons on my Patreon page (www.patreon.com/fluximagery), got to see this first. :)

Sit back and enjoy, such a treat indeed. :)

Talk to you soon!



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Watercolor Painting Video and Chat - Girl with Green Pigtails and Purple Tights

It has been a MINUTE since I was able to paint. So thankful for getting things done and having enough time to actually paint. This is a catch up video where I am painting real time (very rare) and I’m talking about getting projects done and organizing/designing one of the rooms in our home. Things tend to get put on hold with new babies and they are older now so we can get back those things. I know I am not alone in this :)




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Watercolor Painting - Mermaid with Blue Pigtails Video

Who doesn’t love pigtails? This was inspired by my little girls who have been rocking long ringlet pigtails all month. Low in the back and oh so cute. In this painting I used a lot of the following techniques: wet into wet washes and gradient washes. This helps to build the values (light to dark and contrast) in the initial work so that the colors are more cohesive. An example of building values on completely dry washes is the way the orange stripes were painted.

I like to see the colors blend more naturally with soft transitions instead of harsh lines when you layer color on top of color. It’s a personal preference but this is how you get closer to identifying your style. It’s all about the things you like, so you repeat them. In addition to the things you don’t like so you back off of them a bit.

I go into more depth to show you how to get more familiar with colors, color mixing, different types of watercolor washes and how to paint two mermaid projects in my online painting workshop, Watercolor Color Mixing for Beginners. Click here to start painting today. :)

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Party Rabbit and Chat

Happy New Year! This is the last video from 2018! Hope you had a wonderful year and 2019 is even better for you.

I was on break (finally) so it was a lot of me time, time with the littles and hubs. Being homebodies, which is our FAVORITE. Until the kids get reckless and then we have to go out for something, anywhere, fast. :) It’s all good.

I painted a watercolor rabbit in this video while talking about break and what I made when I hosted Christmas at our house. :O Good times.

It’s the last year of our teens in the 2000s, enjoy! Talk to you soon and if you haven’t already, join my list to get 20% off your first order and get sneak peeks, art news, etc. Join here!



P.S. This is the red and blue sketching pencil I am in LOVE with. Soooo good.

Prima Watercolors First Impression - Pastel Dreams and Shirley Trevena

This palette is amazing. So vibrant, pigmented and soft. This is my second Prima palette and it does not disappoint!

There was one color that was shocking and it still is to me. Not sure if I’ll use it much because it is just crazy bright! But we’ll see. I’m just so happy to finally be able to use this palette. I purchased it awhile ago and I didn’t dive into it because I was saving it for this video for you.

I hope you love it, it was worth the wait and I have ideas for new prints using these paints. Must. Paint. Right. Now! :)

Also, I am super inspired by Shirlely Trevena lately. Just found out about her last week when I was at an art store checking out Black Friday sales and I bought this book. Her style and her work are just breathtakingly beautiful. She embraces white space like nobody’s business and I love how she believes you should connect to what you are painting, whatever that is. I completely agree, even if it is shoes, paint them. You will be more passionate painting shoes than landscapes if that is what you are more into anyway and the work will just be better.

Do you boo, enjoy the journey.

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Thank you Patrons!

A quick thank you to my patrons: Kerriann, Bonnie and Christie. You guys are amazing and I am so thankful for your support. You help me to spend more time in my craft. Be it having the space to unwind (which helps free up creativity), sketching or actually painting prints for my shop, thank you!

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Go for your dreams!

A little chat from me to you about why going for your dreams is so important. This is near and dear to my heart and I hope it is for you too. No matter the size, big or small, go for them. Make them happen. Every little baby step takes you closer to your goals.

If you are tired, take a break, but don’t stop. It blows my mind that everything around us started with a dream; an idea in someone’s mind that physically manifested into a book, a website, a video, etc. It’s crazy! This is why I wrote my book, Prioritize Your Passion: A Woman’s Guide to Juggling All the Things because a dream of mine is to write more books and empower other women. So two birds with one stone!

This is an interactive book where I walk you through how to identify your passions and actually make them a reality in your daily life. Check it out here!

You’ve got this and never forget it!

Designs by Rachel Beth Watercolors - Toes in the Sand - First Impression/Swatches

This is a super sweet set of watercolors by Designs by Rachel BethToes in the Sand has soft colors included: a pink, cream, light green and a blue. I haven’t painted with them a lot yet because I was focused on my shop update, but they will get used very soon. There are new fairy prints, girl prints and semi-customizeable prints too. You can check out all of the new additions right here.

If you are into softer muted tones, I think you will love this palette. Check out the video here.

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My new book, Prioritize Your Passion, is out today!

I can hardly believe I just typed that title! I’ve been working on this book, Prioritize Your Passion: A Woman’s Guide to Juggling all the Things, since June of this year, but it is something that has been close to my heart for years. It can be hard when you discover what you love to do but you can’t fit more of it in your day or actually pivot to make that new love your main job. I’ve been there and done that. I work full-time in a left brain job (data analyst) and my love is art.

That is truly my passion and I have set time aside for it daily for years. However I am now able to go further with my sketches, paintings, Etsy print shop, Patreon, teaching online courses and more because I have prioritized my passions while maintaining the day to day. Sometimes you need to have other daily to dos “take a seat” so you can focus on your passions. Be it painting, music, writing a book, photography or just simply giving yourself permission to sit down and read a book for a bit. I’m a mom of two little girls (6 and 3), a wife and we have a house to maintain as well. If I can take time out to work on my passions, anyone can.

The last thing I wanted to do was put my art on the back burner for 18+ years until my kids are grown. I want them to fully know me, their mom, art and all, as well as growing as an artist in the process. Let me help you by sharing my experience and tips and tricks that you can apply to your life as well. With my interactive book you will no longer rush through your day to get to the dessert. Instead you will make more room in your day to enjoy even more of that dessert and live a more fulfilled life in the process. So excited to finally share my journey with you! Check out my new book here!

P.S. I also have a children’s book, Queen Quail is Quiet, as well! Can’t wait to work on more.