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I grew up in sunny Upland, California, population 77,000.  When I was little, I remember my mom working as a corporate professional and she would type on her typewriter.  I was in awe. I loved the click clack of the keys and how fast she could type. It was like music, with its own unique rhythm. 

I was the youngest in the family, a little shy and didn’t have many friends. I would often make up my own games and stories. I started drawing on blank white typewriter paper with my crayons. Right below my art I would type my short 3 paragraph stories on my mom’s typewriter, one key at a time. One of my favorite stories was about a lonely turtle named Cupcake who was the youngest of eight brothers and sisters who were very mean. It was short, sweet and Cupcake lived happily ever after in the end. I showed my mom and she was so proud and tickled from the story. I knew then that I loved thinking of something, making it come true through drawing or painting and then sharing it with others. It was magic, I never wanted to stop and now I create as often as I can to bring joy to others and myself. 

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