Again with the painting.

My friend told me I am obsessed with painting.  Do I talk about it a lot here?  I hadn't noticed.

I kept getting these emails from Pottery Barn talking about how they work with Benjamin Moore and if you attend their event you can get a free paint sample.  My mom said she would come with me so that was the plan for today.  I did learn a few things like when you are looking for paint, bring a reference item from home.  Also look at the paint chip the same way you would look at the wall you are painting.  So if it is the ceiling you want to paint, put the paint chip over your head and look up at it like you would the ceiling, etc.  As for the color wheel, I have that drilled in my brain so that wasn't new info for me.

We walked away with coupons and now I think I want to paint the office in Vapor, a really light gray.  I'm interested in their green line, Natura.  The part about quicker drying times and less toxic fumes made my ears perk up.  Might have a painting project soon, don't tell Raul.  Shhh.

*Just went to the Benjamin Moore website and there is a paint app for the iPhone.  Be sure to turn down your volume though.