Happy birthday Baby!

brunswick I am pooped.

Started off the day with a walk at Cherry Creek Reservoir at 9 a.m.  Got my husband birthday breakfast since today is his birthday!  He chilled out and relaxed while I did my hair.  Then we were going to meet up with his mom, brother and my parents for a sushi dinner but his mom got sick.  The surprise was that Lindsay and Dave were showing up to dinner too.  Raul almost saw their car when we were parking, he is so much more observant than I am.

I ordered an ice cream cake from Coldstone so that came to the table for dessert along with with a big loud round of Happy Birthday singing.  The cake was delicious, Coffehouse Crunch.  If you haven't tried it, try it.  After that we went to go bowling and the other surprise was that our friends Bryce and Sandra would be meeting up with us there.  Raul's face was priceless.

So much fun to be surrounded by friends and family.

I hope you had the best birthday!  I am a lucky and blessed girl to have you.