I Heart Firemen.

firemen So last Friday I was dropping off baby girl at my parents' and everything was going great.  I decided to take a different street than I usually do when I leave my parents'.  The street with a Starbuck's drive thru of course.  All of a sudden instead of feeling like I was driving on pavement, I felt like I was driving on a rocky dirt road.  I was on a two lane street so I pulled over to the right.  I jumped out real quick to see what happened and just as I thought, a flat tire.  I was trying to text my husband because I honestly didn't know who I should call first.  Before I could send my text I saw flashing lights in the back and instead of the police, it was a fire truck.

The next thing I knew I was being asked if I had a donut in the back, I said yes and one of the firemen said, "Since you have a spare tire on you we can change it for you!".  I was in shock and still am.  Do firemen really do this?  I guess they do because I was able to sit in my air conditioned car while five firemen changed my tire in less than 10 minutes.  I was beaming from ear to ear when I said, "Thank you!!" and headed to Starbucks after all.

So.  Amazing.  Has anything out of the ordinary like that happened to you?

Do share, such a blessing!

P.S. I have a scanner now and it is the bomb.com.

Thrifting Fun.

IMG_1718 IMG_1719















I love thrifting and I don't go as much as I used to.  We have a Paris Street Market here at one of our outdoor malls, Aspen Grove, on the first Saturday every month (May - October).

Last weekend I was able to go and here are some highlights.

  • I want to call these birdhouses steampunk birdhouses since they have all of the vintage hardware on them.  Love how unique these are.
  • Vintage croquet balls would make a great collection.
  • Had my first shaved ice.  You get to choose three flavors and I picked mango, peach and coconut.  I thought I would have to wait until we took our dream vacation to Hawaii but I didn't and it was soooo good!
  • Bought two little succulents (one for me and one for my mom) in the cutest stamped terracotta planters from Old House Chic.  This was by far my favorite shop, I wanted every little bit and bob.  There were feathers and keys in glass bottles with corks, what's not to love?
  • I have a weakness for antique fans as well but I am always leary of old electronics so I just admire from afar.  This one was from The Woodcutter's Wife.
  • The second thing I bought was a vintage signed edition print of a tree.  The lines in this drew me in and I think I'll put it up by my desk.

I absolutely love searching and finding art pieces.  It feels like treasure hunting for me.

To Dos.


Spring is here!  I want to do nothing but pick flowers and twirl around all day to celebrate.  We have been in our house for about four years now I think and we have come a long way with making our house ours.  We have some remaining To Dos that I keep my eyes peeled for whenever we go to Home Goods, vintage stores, etc.  The other bits, cleaning/organizing the basement and garage, I want to tackle by handling two boxes at a time until it is all done.  With us, I am the one with more "stuff" to sort.  What's on your home to do list this spring/summer?

Tomorrow my mom and I are going to the art museum and I cannot wait.  There is an exhibit called Modern Masters: 20th Century Icons from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery.  There will be works from Kahlo, Picasso, Dali, Pollock, etc.  Yes!

I need to head out now, have a great day!

Happy 4th!

Untitled Untitled

Between being home so much and it being summertime, Baby A and I have been out on the town a lot.  Antiquing (that is where I found that sweet paint-by-number horse painting), running errands, the works.  The house and other left-brain things have taken over and I haven't been able to sit and paint.  This will change in a few days because we are quickly getting things more in order around here.  Piles grow like crazy when a new little person arrives.

There have been horrible fires here in Colorado and we usually can't light our own fireworks since it is so dry.  But this year the fireworks shows have been cancelled due to the fires everywhere.  We are planning to just have our family over and relax together.

Maybe next year baby will see her first fireworks display.  :)


Breckenridge and 27 Weeks

27 weeks!  Pretty unbelievable and  we are in awe.  R and I went away for the weekend to Breckenridge.  The weather was good, not too cold so we could just walk around town and relax.  If I could have slid around on my belly like a penguin, I would have.  I feel like we are slow going on the nursery decorating but we are getting there.  Just bought the crib and dresser this week, hope we can put them together too.

I am in love with the prenatal vitamins, my hair is getting so long so my hairstylist cut some long layers.  I am loving the cut, now I need to upgrade my flat iron.  ;) I'm all done knitting the baby blanket, been done, just need to sit down in one spot and weave in the ends.  I will post pics when she is all done.

Hope you have a fantabulous weekend peeps!

Elk, chipmunks and fall leaves, oh my!

Raul and I picked up his mom, brother and Arturo (Raul's mom's boyfriend) so we could all go up to the mountains.  We go up and see the leaves change every year and this time we went to Estes Park and the Rocky Mountain National Park.  So beautiful!  We saw tons of elk on a high school campus and then some more up in the mountains.  People were crazy and were trying to feed the elk tumbleweeds, insanity.

When we went up to the very top there were lots of chipmunks that would eat out of your hands if you had nuts for them.  There were birds who wanted some food and attention as well.  We broke the law and fed them almonds and peanuts.  One time my hand was too high up so the little chipmunk climbed up onto the top of my hand and stuffed the almond in his cheek!  They are so domesticated, the damage is already done.  Ah well.

It was a fun trip but exhausting, we have been out driving around for about 12 hours now.  Time to get some sleep.  More pictures over here in my flickr set.



It's my turn to post a costume sketch for 31 days of costume sketches over at Scribbletastic, check it out tomorrow!

Regional SCBWI Conference. Check!

adam rex lindsay eland and editors

caroline stutson

I was so worn out from the local SCBWI conference yesterday that I came home and took a two hour nap.  Exhausted, but the good kind.  Where you absorb so much and you are crazy excited that your body can't handle it anymore and gives out.

I don't know where to begin.  So,  I have been absent here because I have been working on the Alphabet Book as well as cleaning up my websites.  Two of my goals with a deadline of this month were to clean up my blog and to fix my online illustration portfolio.  The portfolio just wasn't working at all for awhile now because the navigation wasn't the best and it wasn't compatible with mobile devices that did't work with flash.  Long story short, I now have www.erikabarriga.com that redirects you to www.cargocollective.com/erikabarriga.  When I was researching I found Cargo Collective and fell in love.  I found out they were invite only, gave it a shot and they gave me an account.  I am loving the interface, perfect fit!

So I said all that to say this, I did not want to go to the conference without a working beautifully navigated portfolio site.  This past week was spent deep diving in code, magazines, design, etc etc.  PLUS there was a part of the conference where you could present your work on a chair.  I chose to put some of my illos on foam core and present that way.  Since I just finished my website last night, I just finished my board last night as well.  Everything has been wild over here, trying to get things done while still being well-rested enough to actually enjoy the conference.

So now to the good stuff, I really enjoyed it.  This was my second time attending a SCBWI event, the first one was NY in last year.  I found this event to be more intimate all the way around.  I think I also made a conscious decision to make more connections and just talk more.  Glad I did.


I attended the conference with my friend Christie and her husband Nick - their first conference! I learned ways to connect myself with my stories from a talk by Caroline Stutson Met Adam Rex who has a crazy amount of knowledge and talent - loved his keynote speech! Met Brooke Boynton-Hughes - we follow each other on twitter and now we've met in person, so nice! Entered my much edited down portfolio to the portfolio review and received invaluable feedback

It was great!  Now it's time to focus on more goals, draw some more and possibly write some too.

Trip to Breckenridge.

Raul and I were beat and we needed a quick getaway.  We packed up our backpacks and headed to Breckenridge.  It was so beautiful up there.  Colorado has been getting hit with some crazy rainstorms and it was no different up in the mountains.  Other than that, the weather was perfect.

If you are in the mood for pizza, I highly recommend Giampietro's.  We got a pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, and black olive 16 incher and it was the best!

Poppies are my birthday flower and my birthday is next month.

The town is so cute, I love popping in and out of shops. I am currently obsessed with antiquing too.

And here I am, should have made it a longer trip. Love, love, LOVE getaways.  See more pics here.

A little bit of catch-up.

herbs george I hope you had a great 4th of July!  We had to chase down a fireworks show since there were severe thunderstorms going on but we did see fireworks so I'm glad.  Before the show we went to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival with my brother-in-law Gilberto and mother-in-law Olga.  I am all better too and very happy about it.  That cold kicked my butt.

I've been up to things and I can never manage to type it here but this time I am determined.  So we don't have a yard yet because we don't have a house.  That isn't stopping me from growing in my love for gardening though.  My parents are the biggest green thumbs I know and I think a little bit is finally rubbing off on me.  George, our red geranium we got last year, wasn't blooming.  The pot he was in with drainage got a little moldy so I tossed it and put it in a gorgeous new pot without drainage.  This was a big no no because he didn't want to bloom after that.  But after I plopped him in a new pot with drainage and some drops of African Violet fertilizer in his water, he is a new man.  The cutest red flowers are popping up now!  I also found some herb seeds at Target for a dollar each so I am growing cilantro, lemon basil and parsley.  Another trip to Target and I found some wild flower seeds so I planted those in a pot but those will take months.  We'll see how it goes.

Lastly, Raul and I have started going on bike rides again.  I live for summer!  So going on a ride at least once a week has been great.  We both missed it.

Now I'm just geeking out: backing up the blog, website, working on items for the store, etc.

Back to work...

Chalk art.

Ok, granny had to go.  Sometimes nothing will make you update more than just wanting to look at something different on your blog.

This weekend we went to the Chalk Art Event on Larimer Street downtown.  So much talent there.  Performance art is amazing and it's crazy that all of these artists came down to put their beautiful pieces on such a temporary canvas.  The streets were shut down for only a few days and now the streets are open.  The art has been driven over, impermanent.  I had only seen forwarded emails of street chalk art before but it is a whole other thing to be at this type of event.

I loved it.  More pics in my set on flickr.