To Dos.


Spring is here!  I want to do nothing but pick flowers and twirl around all day to celebrate.  We have been in our house for about four years now I think and we have come a long way with making our house ours.  We have some remaining To Dos that I keep my eyes peeled for whenever we go to Home Goods, vintage stores, etc.  The other bits, cleaning/organizing the basement and garage, I want to tackle by handling two boxes at a time until it is all done.  With us, I am the one with more "stuff" to sort.  What's on your home to do list this spring/summer?

Tomorrow my mom and I are going to the art museum and I cannot wait.  There is an exhibit called Modern Masters: 20th Century Icons from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery.  There will be works from Kahlo, Picasso, Dali, Pollock, etc.  Yes!

I need to head out now, have a great day!

Juice Crazy.

IMG_0968 IMG_0969


I've been bitten by the juice bug again and have been enjoying every drop.  Instead of my usual green lemonade recipe, this time I used the following:

  • 1 blood orange
  • half of a lemon (peeled since the lemon wasn't organic)
  • a bit of ginger
  • 2 fuji apples (cored)
  • 3-4 peeled carrots

Delish!  If you have any juicer recipes you love, please share.  We have been planning out our meals every week and now we don't throw out food as much.  Little changes here and there are making quite the difference.

In sketching news, I haven't had a chance to work on my "Do What You Love. Love What You Do" print.  I do want to get back to it though, soon.  In the meantime I have been painting and took a trip to the art store with my little Babycakes.  They opened up three Trader Joe's here, finally, so after checking out one and going shopping (love their frozen meatballs), we went to Meiningers.

My friend Tracy suggested soft press watercolor paper a long time ago so I picked that up (Fabriano), some Princeton and DaVinci watercolor brushes, a portable pop up water cup and some lead refills (HB for sketching and 4H for drawing on watercolor paper).  Not too bad of a budget buster, I can get so lost in art stores.  They are my happy place.

Thanks for stopping by.


I think these wilted petals and leaves are so beautiful.  We bought dahlias for our front yard and didn't know what to do with them when winter hit.  So we left them planted and they shriveled up. Untitled




I loved how they looked.

Everything in its' place.

Untitled Untitled

Organizing is not natural for me.  Not at all.  Things start piling up quickly and I feel like I have a  ton of projects at once.  I think I have prejudices when it comes to being too tidy or organized.  Visions from "Sleeping with the Enemy", ie. stacks of canned food all lined up in rows in the pantry, towels perfectly aligned in the bathroom and too many episodes of CSI come to mind and freak me out.

Then last year Raul and I bought our first house and we were confronted with how to manage the upkeep  here which is very different from our yardless condo.  Add on our baby girl and when I mentioned things piling up, the piles are in overdrive now.

We both want to spend more time with our family, painting, creating, learning, reading, etc.  Everything is more fun than figuring out what to eat daily, what laundry to do daily or when we get a chance, etc.  This has led to researching and becoming obsessed with managing our household.  Not only that, but I have a self-made deadline of getting organized and clearing things off the floor before Addy starts crawling.  R and I work full time and lately we have been doing what we can to maintain during the week, which leaves the weekend to do nothing but chores.  After our first weekend of doing this, I have been looking for solutions.

I love Pinterest.  This is where I daydream and  look for design solutions others have found.  So this is where my inspiration lives before I even think of changing a thing.

In my Googling craziness I stumbled upon A Bowl Full of Lemons.  Toni Hammersley is a professional organizer among other things and this woman is amazing.  She does admit she has a house cleaner once a week but I am still beyond envious of her home.  She has a 14 week challenge going on and so far it has been pretty doable for us.  We have tackled the mail station, laundry room, master bedroom, kitchen and we are working on our offices now.

Another place I love is YouTube.  I follow beauty gurus (if you have faves, pls share), so I started searching the subject of organizing.  So much great info out there!  Just yesterday I found another professional organizer,Kacy Paide, and now I'm a big fan of hers as well.  Lateral files are now my friends, I think the Elfa File Cart from the Container Store will be  good fit for my office and our receipts are under control.  Right now I'm working on a management folder (via ABFOL) to help with scheduling weekly meals, blog updates (what are those?), shop updates, etc.

It's a journey but I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Looking Back

Untitled Untitled

Before even more time flies away from me, I wanted to post about where we were last year.  That was the year we purchased our first home, in March.  We put in a ton of elbow grease and saw lots of potential in our new digs.  There was a horrific red/blue room and almost equally terrifying orange/blue/yellow room.  We basically painted the whole house except for two bathrooms.  I kept meaning to share but it was a mix of being upset at old homeowners but being proud in what R and I could accomplish together with the help of our family as well.

We've come a long way and I need to post even more updated pics because these are a little old.  Be on the look out, it won't take another year.  Promise.

Happy Birthday to Me.

Untitled So far my birthday is pretty perfect.  Slept in with my munchkin, what more can a girl ask for?  A and my life with her is the best present.

It really does feel like Christmas every day.

Happy 4th!

Untitled Untitled

Between being home so much and it being summertime, Baby A and I have been out on the town a lot.  Antiquing (that is where I found that sweet paint-by-number horse painting), running errands, the works.  The house and other left-brain things have taken over and I haven't been able to sit and paint.  This will change in a few days because we are quickly getting things more in order around here.  Piles grow like crazy when a new little person arrives.

There have been horrible fires here in Colorado and we usually can't light our own fireworks since it is so dry.  But this year the fireworks shows have been cancelled due to the fires everywhere.  We are planning to just have our family over and relax together.

Maybe next year baby will see her first fireworks display.  :)


Office Space.

I don't know about you but I love seeing pictures of homes, rooms, decorating and especially offices.  I looked high and low for a desk that met all of my needs and this one is working out so well.

My wish-list:

room to draw, put my tablet on top and open books storage for my small printer, scanner and hard drives clean and modern design real wood (my old desk was not) storage for small items, a drawer or two would be ideal

I looked all over for months and I found it a couple days ago at American Furniture Warehouse!  I am trying to become a more organized and streamlined person so this falls right in line with that.  My old desk had a hutch and I thought I was going to have to go that route but luckily I found a desk that has storage underneath which leaves more room on top.  Love that.  My external hard drives are hiding behind my storage box on the left and they are a perfect fit.

It probably sounds silly but this is the first time I have actually had a space where I could measure and figure out what would be ideal in that space.  Then to find it and plop it there, function and all, it is so satisfying!  Now I have a little glimpse into what interior designers must feel all the time.

I have been getting more into thrift shopping and I wanted to find a piece that my big mama Epson printer could sit on.  Last Friday I found the perfect piece at the Art Walk.  It is a little modern danish mini dresser with four shallow drawers.  Wide enough for my printer and the shelves are wonderful because I have storage for my art as well as extra stuff that I would usually put in my desk drawers.

Caddy corner to my desk are two drafting tables. I got the little wooden table a couple of years or so ago from my college friend Sebom.  It was in storage before since I didn't have room in the condo for it.  Then about a month ago my friend Sandra came over with her family, saw my office and thought her drafting table would look great in here too.  So I picked up her mega-huge one and the rest is history.  I have the most thoughtful friends.

As you can see, this is a work in progress and I'm going to post more pictures as we design and fill our new digs.

Loving the process of adding things bit by bit, I think it adds more soul.

Bad blogger.

cucina spider mum

That would be me.

I'm just going to bullet point lots of accomplishments and see how that goes.  I'm really trying to have a fun summer with as little chores as possible so we are hauling butt and putting sweat equity into this new casa now.  I can't wait to share more pictures but I should be painting instead of editing photos. You know how that goes.

  • pulled out some crazy caulked in shelving that was in the TV area
  • refinished the hard wood floors
  • had the carpet cleaned
  • scrubbed every part of the new house, including the walls
  • see the above scrubbed, we scrubbed a lot
  • patched up holes, spackled, sanded, re-textured
  • fixed a dangling towel bar, almost chest bumped after that one
  • primed the kitchen, living room, vanity bathroom, formal dining, master bedroom, kitchen, loft and hallways upstairs and two bedrooms
  • primed and painted baseboards in 90 percent of the areas above
  • painted everything we primed in Lacey Pearl by Benjamin Moore, Dove White by Benjamin Moore, Simply White by Benjamin Moore and Rowan White by Ralph Lauren
  • changed out all the light bulbs, makes a huge difference
  • caulked the entire kitchen
  • washed down all cupboards/cabinets
  • washed down all doors with magic erasers
  • pulled all of the weeds out of the front and backyards
  • fertilized
  • put down weed and seed
  • we have baby grass growing in some areas, so cute
  • planted flowers - dahlias in pots in the back, basket of gold up front, paprika yarrow up front, peony bulbs out front, red dahlias and salmon zinnias up front
  • trimmed back dogwoods
  • trimmed back a rose bush, can't wait to see what colors they are!
  • bought a lawn mower and a blower
  • bought a hose
  • bought gardening tools - a rake and a shovel
  • unpacked lots but we still have boxes scattered around
  • changed out majority of the outlet covers, they were painted over or just not cute
  • Pledged the stairway railing, it glistens

We even have two flowers growing out front and my mom thinks they are peonies. I am crossing my fingers because I LOVE peonies.  Kept noticing ants sitting on every flower bulb and I was about to do something about it until my mom said the ants are there to draw out nectar and that tickles the flowers into opening sooner.  (hello run-on sentence)  So glad I didn't do something crazy, they have a little symbiotic relationship going on.  Also got "The Garden Primer" from the library so that has been an interesting read on organic gardening as well.

I have so much I want to do, I just bought a Poketo Tomorrow Planner so I hope that will help me get even more organized and get back to watercolors (just found my palette in a box last week!), illustration, children's books, the whole nine yards.  I know house work never ends but it will get manageable sooner than later.  We have been having a blast fixing this place up though.  Not one piece of art is on the walls either.  I just don't want to put anything up until the painting is completely done.

I'm weird like that.

Happy happy girl.

hello gray keys

love print

So many reasons to smile:

  • the weekend is almost here
  • after running around all day, I'm home
  • I have a great friend that came upon a mirror and gave it to me
  • I'm not cooking tonight
  • I am surrounded by supportive friends and family
  • I am loved and love in return
  • My eyebrow will eventually stop twitching.  It has to.  Right?
  • I have pics of our pale gray bedroom paint and the key wall project.

For the key wall I found the numbers at Anthropologie, the keys at Pottery Barn and the limited edition prints are available in my store.

I'm just happy.  Can't help it I guess.  Happy Thursday!