20 Weeks

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Today is the 20th day of Inktober and I'm 20 weeks this week (half-way mark!).  I wasn't sure if I could draw every day but so far so good and I want to continue past October.  It is such a good practice to maintain.

I'm still kicking this cold, turned sinus infection, turned cold again.  I bought some probiotics (kefir and yogurt), hoping those help.  No way am I doing sauerkraut.  This was the first year we couldn't make it out to the mountains to see the leaves change but there are plenty here to look at too.

The colors are gorgeous, the leaves fall much too quickly.

Ok, so I'm not posting more.

IMG_0526_small One resolution has been shot (updating regularly) but I have been focusing on some projects around the house and learning more about Lightroom (LR).  Clearing space on my memory cards so I can take more shots.  I love this site for studying up on how catalogs work in LR, so helpful.  We are at place where we can watch more TV so I've been practicing lettering while getting sucked into some of the best acting called Downton Abbey.  We get Addy's diapers through Amazon Prime and I completely forgot we have access to Instant Video and so much content.  Now I can get around to watching Sherlock and seeing what all the buzz is with that too.

Is this a good thing or not?  Hmm.

Trees and Clouds.

IMG_9063 IMG_9040


All of the leaves have fallen from our maple in the front yard.  There was a storm coming in and I pulled over to the side of the road to take a few shots.  I'm taking my camera everywhere again and it is time to invest in a good, practical, (cute), camera bag.  Any suggestions?  This Kelly Moore bag is in the running.

Also, nothing gets this house cleaner than knowing someone is coming to visit.  Cleaning bathrooms is my least favorite chore ever.  I have no brand loyalty and I just ran out of my cleaner, anything you love?  Are you completely green?  Completely indifferent?

Let me know.

Falling in love.

IMG_8830 I'm falling for photography again.  Capturing frozen moments has always been what draws me to taking photos.


Documenting our lives and now watching this little mouse grow up.


The leaves are so beautiful and they are falling everywhere.  Mountains of leaves and baby had a blast running through them this weekend.



One of Addy's favorite parts of the day is going for a walk with Grandpa.



Then we came home to a sky full of fog.  It is so cozy right now, perfect weather for lighting a candle and snuggling up.


I have a love/hate relationship with fall.  No doubt it is beautiful but it also means we will have nothing but branches until around May.  Can't deny those gorgeous colors though.  Here are some pics of Golden Gate Canyon State Park, our neighborhood and my parent's backyard. IMG_8684









I think these wilted petals and leaves are so beautiful.  We bought dahlias for our front yard and didn't know what to do with them when winter hit.  So we left them planted and they shriveled up. Untitled




I loved how they looked.

Slightly Obsessed

Untitled Untitled



If  you know me, you know this is my favorite time of year.  I love it when all of the leaves come out.  Add the blossoms bursting out all over and I am one happy camper.  Today it snowed and I am really hoping it doesn't knock all of the blossoms off.

We barely have them as it is. I updated my very neglected Photography Shop and added a link in the sidebar.


Chalk art.

Ok, granny had to go.  Sometimes nothing will make you update more than just wanting to look at something different on your blog.

This weekend we went to the Chalk Art Event on Larimer Street downtown.  So much talent there.  Performance art is amazing and it's crazy that all of these artists came down to put their beautiful pieces on such a temporary canvas.  The streets were shut down for only a few days and now the streets are open.  The art has been driven over, impermanent.  I had only seen forwarded emails of street chalk art before but it is a whole other thing to be at this type of event.

I loved it.  More pics in my set on flickr.


unionstation Two in a row?!  Unheard of.

I couldn't get home fast enough today.  Even though I felt like that, I stayed after work and worked out on the elliptical for 45 minutes.  Have to take advantage of that free gym right?  Now I'm trying to figure out how to go further with organizing my images.  Since I was freaking out over backing up I now have everything sorted by year and then broken down by month.  That is it.  Since the end of January I've been using Lightroom's organization method of having the year folders full of day folders (plus meta data now!).  I love that, but, do I go back and do that for the past years as well?

That is going to take forever.

Pros:  I will do this one time in my life.  Everything will be on the same page. Cons:  All of that time is not going to be fun.  Purchase Advil for the headaches that are about to come.

I know there is at least one photographer out there reading this.  How do you organize your files?  Do tell.

Absence Sucks

sisters From time to time you'll see a snarky comment from my friend Jay.  This shot is of his daughters.

I couldn't let another day pass without saying something here.  In the past ten days I've had a tetanus shot (I am a huge wuss when it comes to needles) and have been helping the economy by shopping like a mad woman.  Not too out of control but some new boots were in order and they are adorable!  In two days the hubby and I will have been married for nine months.  I feel like things are just now starting to level out in our ratio of things-to-do/sit-down-already.  As you can see, when I've got other things to do it gets a little harder for me to multi-task.  Case in point, this blog.

I've been thinking about doing a challenge on flickr like "365" where you take a shot every day for a year.  It may be time for me to start doing something like that.  The first photo challenge I did was called "26 Things" and it fanned the flame for my love of photography.  One of the things that has me at a standstill over here has been organizing.  On top of that I have been working with Lightroom and Photoshop instead of solely editing in Photoshop and I am starting to love Lightroom.  I can't do everything in it but it's great when I'm working with a batch of images.

So I'll post when I post and it should be quicker.  I feel pressure of what to say, does every post have to have a photo?  Etc, etc.  I hope you stick around in the process though.