We just made it.

We went up to Guanella Pass this weekend and just barely caught some color change action.  So many trees were naked already, their leafy clothes all over the path.  This will remind me to never go this late again, always to go some time in September.  The drive was so nice though and we just enjoyed the mountains, the quiet and even saw some horses.

I love checking things off of my to do lists and today I crossed off cleaning up the office.  It sounds like I am always cleaning and I am, sorta.  Ever since Raul and I moved in together, we have had stuff.  Major stuff.  So we got rid of a lot but we had gifts from the wedding, big boxes.  I like to keep those boxes just in case something goes wrong.  Well at this point we are past the one year warranty so some of those boxes could go to make room for other things.  So on and so forth.  So now I was actually able to pack the closet with ninja-like stealthiness.  ;)  It looks great in here.  It has been awhile since we've had a "everything has it's home" sort of atmosphere.  If the sun comes out tomorrow I'll take some pics.

I'm eager to work in here tomorrow.  Juices are flowing.