Goodnight Fergie. Goodnight Bono.

U2 is the BEST! We had so much fun and it was well worth the trip to Phoenix to see them perform. Epic. I have seen U2 IN CONCERT. I can't believe it. They did about three encores and that set they had was just amazing. Today we slept in and took it easy. A lot of the stores are the same in Phoenix as what we have here. I was curious to know if they had an IKEA there since we had some time to kill and it turns out that they do. Everyone has one but us I guess. So we went over there, that was our last stop before it was time to get ready to fly back home.

I could literally live in an IKEA. There were some planters I had my eyes on but we didn't have enough room in our suitcase. It was so nice and hot out in AZ, I thought we dodged the weather bullet but it was cold and snow had dusted our poor car. I only packed some heels and some sandals so I was freezing.

That was the coolest thing ever, happy birthday to us.