To Dos.


Spring is here!  I want to do nothing but pick flowers and twirl around all day to celebrate.  We have been in our house for about four years now I think and we have come a long way with making our house ours.  We have some remaining To Dos that I keep my eyes peeled for whenever we go to Home Goods, vintage stores, etc.  The other bits, cleaning/organizing the basement and garage, I want to tackle by handling two boxes at a time until it is all done.  With us, I am the one with more "stuff" to sort.  What's on your home to do list this spring/summer?

Tomorrow my mom and I are going to the art museum and I cannot wait.  There is an exhibit called Modern Masters: 20th Century Icons from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery.  There will be works from Kahlo, Picasso, Dali, Pollock, etc.  Yes!

I need to head out now, have a great day!

Edit. Edit. Edit.

For the first time in a long time, this past weekend I messed around with video editing.  I forgot how much that takes out of you, well me.  I majored in photojournalism and minored in digital media in college.  One of the courses I took was digital video art.  This movie is called "One" and the assignment was to convey a mood/emotion.  We also weren't allowed to use color.

I think it's safe to say that video art is my least favorite.  Meaning that when I go to an art museum and see that little TV installation in the corner with flashing lights and an audio track playing, I don't quite get it.  I'm more into paintings, sculptures, everything else.

So when we completed assignments for the class, those assignments were more on the abstract side.  I loved using Final Cut Pro, I had fun putting storyboards together and I was happy with my final projects.

I was editing a video of me painting this weekend but since I am using iMovie '08 (super old I know), I can't find a way to speed up the video.  No one wants to see me paint for 30

I'm working on it though.  I would love to share.

♥ Fun Fact - This was completed in college, early when Raul and I were just dating.  He is the mystery man shaking around in the box.  One of the signs he was a keeper.  True love. ♥


A watercolor artist and friend that I look up to recently had a contest.  All you had to do was leave a comment about what migratory birds are your favorite and mine are hummingbirds.  I was so excited to hear I won.  Golly Bard aka Holly Ward Bimba is an exceptional watercolor artist.  I love her free flowing style, she makes it look easy.  She paints nature, insects, birds, nests.... it's all beautiful and in her shop.  She even has her works made into fabric on Spoonflower.  I can't wait to frame my print and put it up.

Thank you Holly, I love it!

Happy happy girl.

hello gray keys

love print

So many reasons to smile:

  • the weekend is almost here
  • after running around all day, I'm home
  • I have a great friend that came upon a mirror and gave it to me
  • I'm not cooking tonight
  • I am surrounded by supportive friends and family
  • I am loved and love in return
  • My eyebrow will eventually stop twitching.  It has to.  Right?
  • I have pics of our pale gray bedroom paint and the key wall project.

For the key wall I found the numbers at Anthropologie, the keys at Pottery Barn and the limited edition prints are available in my store.

I'm just happy.  Can't help it I guess.  Happy Thursday!