Reindeer Squad and Christmas Sweater Birds are Here!

On Dasher, on Prancer, on Dancer and Vixen!  On Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blixen!  Can't forget about the star, Rudolph too.  I had SO much fun sketching, drawing, painting and designing the little outfits for this Reindeer Squad.  They are now available as mugs, clocks, phone cases and more in my Society 6 store.  I'm working on another design with all of them together, the whole crew in full effect.  

My process started with figuring out how I wanted to draw reindeer in the first place so I played around with the heads and body proportions.  I wanted them to work together nicely visually so I picked a cohesive color scheme by color mixing primaries and focusing on red, blue, purple and green.  The clothes were especially fun because that is where their littler personalities come out.  I forgot there is only one lady reindeer, Vixen, and I had so much fun painting her dress with peter pan collar and striped stockings.  Of course I had to paint another girl reindeer (rainbow dress) who isn't part of the immediate squad but a friend all the same.  

The Christmas Sweater birds are listed in my shop now too.  They are rocking sweaters that say "Joy", "Noel", "Ho Ho Ho", "Peace" and "Hope".

This was fun and sparked new project ideas, which is the whole point of a creative challenge to me.  Had a blast.

Back Open for Business.

punk rock Had a friend over today so that gave me even more of a reason to straighten up and get my shop updated with new prints.  Friends always tend to give you just the right push at just the right time.  So, the shop is back open and there are three new pieces: Russian Owl, Chevron and Punk Rock.

Baby girl is calling me, have to go for now.  Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

It's Leap Year with An Owl and Ducks.

Owl and Bird Watercolor Print Ducks in a Row Watercolor Print

I have been silent but painting.  Both prints have been added to my shop.  So yay for that.  I think I love Fabriano paper much more than Arches.  Of course I would choose that one because it s harder to find around these parts.  That's how I roll.

What I want to do and how I feel are on two completely different sides of the spectrum.  I want to be all adventurous and just take another impromptu trip that involves an airplane.  But yea right, I am officially in my third trimester and I go to bed by 8:30 p.m. at the latest.  I am a wild child.  ;)

How are you doing on this lovely leap year day?

Green Hat Bird Watercolor Print

Green Hat Watercolor Bird Print This is item number 18 in my shop!  A sophisticated but warm little birdie.  All print purchases made by February 9 will include a greeting card with my Love Bandits birds on the front.  One week left!

Officially pooped, as always.  Time for bed.  Goodnight and sleep tight!

Golden Bird Print

golden bird Now available in my etsy shop!

I had a scare today, thought I lost my sketchbook at the gym.  Thank God my friend saw it and has it, can pick it up tomorrow.  That was a close one!!

I am working on watercolors lately, nice break from the alphabet project.  Trying to decide which technique I like more, for now I am getting a handle more on wet paint on dry paper instead of wet into wet.  Baby steps.

Watercolor Artists I Follow:

Charles Reid but his work/style seems so unobtainable for now.

Tiffanny Varga - beautiful work and she is so nice to share her tutorials/painting online.

Anna Emilia - she is so delicate and unsaturated.  love.

Gennine - she also shows video of her painting as going over her tools and such.

Golly Bard - love her birds and the way she sees nature.

I have lots to learn.  Thanks for your comments though, I love them!

Illustration Friday - Perennial

perennial (print available in my shop)

This is my attempt for the theme of Perennial for Illustration Friday and it is also an entry for 52 Designs.

This topic was perfect because last year around this time my friend Christie and I took a watercolor class for the first time.  We each had two assignments: paint a Larkspur (our instructor's birthday flower) and paint a landscape.  After that class Christie and I kept setting a goal of painting our birthday flowers but I never got around to it.  Maybe she did and didn't tell me.  ;)  So my bday is next month and why not kill two birds with one stone and paint the August flowers which are poppies.  These are the variety that come back every year of course.

It was also perfect because it gave me a reason to put down my alpha project which I have been working on all week.  I even made a loose picture book dummy: scanned every letter sketch to size, cut each sheet, put it together just like the actual book would look.  It's so exciting and I'm having fun with it.

Illustration Friday - Gesture

gesture (print available in my shop)

Gesture - any action, courtesy, communication, etc., intended for effect or as a formality; considered expression; demonstration.

I may be a little abstract this week but I feel that a lot of art is a gesture.  It's a way to communicate something and I love the language of illustration.

This is my attempt for the theme of Gesture for Illustration Friday and it is also an entry for 52 Designs.

Illustration Friday - Dusty

dusty delivery This is my attempt for the theme of Dusty for Illustration Friday and it is also an entry for 52 Designs.  This is a dusty pink beret wearing delivery bird and this bird is delivering flowers to its sweetie.  It's available as a print and a card in my shop.

Thanks for the feedback about my little chicken.  The trampoline is indigo so the contrast is probably what was throwing me off.  The illo did grow on me though and I think I might make it a print in the near future.  I have added more prints and cards to my shop.  If you follow me on twitter, you would be in the know much quicker!  Just sayin...