It wasn't an option to come in and work on Monday, the center was closed. The weekend was long and full of fun even though my workaholic butt couldn't work and get holiday pay. On Saturday I bought my dress! I'm not happy at all with what my measurements turned out to be so the exercising and eating right is going into turbo mode.

My friends told me the Cinderella Drive-In was closing and ever since I heard the news I knew I wanted to shoot it. So after I got back from buying my dress, Raul and I went to go check out the grounds. It was a little cloudy but I got some decent shots. When checking them out later I started to get sad that this classic spot is getting torn down for condos. Even though I've only been there twice in 14 years, it's a nice option and the kids LOVED it. Kids everywhere tossing balls, playing around and kicking up dust. Later on we came back to actually watch a triple feature of Underdog (groan), Ratatouille (woo hoo!) and The Simpson Movie (yea!). Despite a six hour headache gonging the whole time, I had fun. Raul is mad at me because I never took him before and now it's going to get demolished. It was his first drive-in ever, so that was pretty cool.

I was knocked out at 1 a.m. and the next day we grilled and chilled with his family. The food was delish! Carolyne and I ducked inside from time to time to play our DS Lites. I got my butt beat in ping pong, it was a good night. Then Monday came and that was the day to hang with my parents. I made a semi-healthy dessert of angel food cake and berries. A little sorbet was dolloped on top. Raul has been grabbing the camera lately so don't be surprised if you see "taken by raul" in the tags. I'm impressed, it's about time I got in some shots. We noshed on the dessert while watching Amadeus. I love that movie and didn't even know that Miranda from Sex and the City played the maid.

Hope you had an awesome Labor Day weekend with some relaxing. I had none of that relaxing stuff, just running running and running some more.


In other news, I am working on an illustrated book. Typing this here so I stay accountable and see it through. Specifically the alphabet so if you can help with these letters I would be oh so grateful. ex. B = bear, boots, buttons

Here are the letters: K, M, N, P, Q, R, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z