Bridal Show 2007

This weekend was so much fun. Raul's brother in law's sister had a birthday party so we went over there. At first everyone was just snacking and talking, then before we knew it we were salsa dancing! There were some new people I hadn't met there and they were from Cali and other countries near Colombia. I was so proud of my dancing because they thought I was from Panama and said I danced like a latina. That is quiet the compliment!

We were up until 2 a.m. partying so it was hard to get up this morning for the bridal show downtown. Today my whole bridal party of five went down to the convention center to see all of the bridal stuff with me. My parents and Jo came with us so it was even more fun. There was so much to see, I'm glad we have so much done already or we honestly wouldn't know where to begin. Right when we got there we got stamped, grabbed a huge goodie bag, and had a Groom-To-Be sticker stuck to him and a Bride-To-Be sticker stuck to me. Raul's eyes were wide the whole time, especially when there were food and sweets to taste. Same goes for me. :) It was a team effort though, filling out cards for giveaways all over the place. I made sure to check the no solicit boxes so hopefully I don't get flooded with spam. I hate that.

My eyes were peeled for ultra cute flower girl dresses, DJ deals, and flower stands. There was a balloon drop for all the brides to run around and pop the balloons for the prizes inside. We had been there since 11:30 a.m. and that event didn't start until 3:30 p.m. so we decided to leave.

We kissed our possible all expense paid trip to Hawaii goodbye. *sniff*

More shots on flickr.


I've had my car back since Friday. The problem was the starter but that was the problem last time so it was an easy fix. Sucked I was without a car for so long though. Saturday was full of cruising in the 95 degree weather to get my car washed, pick up some beauty stuff and grocery shopping.ย  I missed my car.