The Artist

I'm enjoying a long four day weekend since I requested Monday and Tuesday off. You know you need a break when you want to call in every day. To start it off I made plans with my friend, Sebom to check out Art Walk. We love first Fridays. She was down so I met her and her roommate down there. Everyone was out and the weather was perfect.

As usual, there were tons of dope artists. The image above was a shot I took of an artist that was drawing with pastels. The art piece was cool and the markings from him rubbing pastel dust on his khakis was making a nice little piece of work too. There was one artist, Homare Ikeda, so delicate and fresh. The artwork there was different than what is on the site. I loved his work.

Sometimes I get jealous checking out all of the talented artists with their art on display. But mostly, it just helps because you get inspired and creative juices start flowing. The fire inside you stirs up a little more.