Wonder Gloss

Remember when make-up was just so marvelous and you couldn't wait to wear it? I wasn't allowed to wear make-up or paint my nails for a loooong time. Can't remember the age when I could, but it was a long time. Here's C loving her new lip gloss. Lucky girl.

I shot C, Raul's niece, among other things this weekend. I've been on a roaring rampage of shooting. I think I just might dive into shooting RAW soon but I'm chicken. It's so mysterious to me but maybe it's time to just go there already.

So many shots to upload:

Raul's faux hawk

The making of arepas

Marlena's newborn, Elias

etc., etc., etc.

Oh, and did I mention that I have a remote now?! Oh the possibilities.


Recently I heard that Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes had a documentary of her final days. I found when it was showing on VH1 and taped it. It showed a side of her I hadn't seen before. The footage was creepy at the end. If you were ever a fan of TLC, try to check it out if you can.