Hung out with his family for Memorial Day. Worked a very slow day and then ate barbeque while trying not to get sprayed down with a hose. It was so hot, nice but hot and a water fight could not be avoided. But I ran and used the baby, Danielle, as a shield. Saved me from getting soaked, so it worked.

Operation Reception Site is still underway. I think we've been to one hundred and ninety two sites so far. I kid, but seriously we have been to many. Pros and cons have been weighed, sales directors have been given the evil eye and multiple notes have been scribbled on any source of paper I can find. We're learning more about ourselves and we're getting it done. I'm crying out to you guys, any cutting cost ideas you super divas can share, do it, do it. Just do it, because the hotels would like me to just give them my pin number and be on my merry way.