The Letter B

The Letter B Booyah!  That's what I'm talking about.

Jelly bellies are my new favorite thing.  Nice to snack on and don't pack too much of a bad calorie punch.  Plus, they come in Coldstone flavors so that is a big bonus.  Just used the letter B twice that time!  Bam!

**** So last night Heather Armstrong from Dooce was here in Colorado signing her book.  I knew I would just clam up but I decided to go anyway.  This would be my third book signing ever.  The first one was Eric Jerome Dickey at a time when I couldn't seem to put his books down back in the day.  The second one was Tyler Florence and I think I just pushed my book in front of him and he signed it.  I was that shy.


My husband is so great that he came with me to this signing.  We laughed at her readings and the Q&A was nice.  I've been following her site for a very looong time.  It was my turn to come up and get my book signed and I completely clammed up.  I think I said something about being from here (I am not, born and raised in California) and when she asked me if I liked it here I said yes but it was dry.  What the heck?  Pitiful.  At least I got a picture.  I think I will ban myself from future book signings.