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Organization Tips Part 1

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I’ve mentioned before that organizing doesn’t come easy to me.  It is not natural, always a work in progress over here.  This is a little long so I broke it into two parts.  I hope it helps you as much as it helped me.

  • Put it back – I’m getting better about having a place for everything and when I’m done, I put it back.
  • Like with Like – I am grouping things together like a mad woman.  All hair stuff in one drawer.  All lotions, body butters and bath stuff in another drawer, etc.  All baking stuff in one drawer, all of the rare cooking utensils in one drawer and so on. This makes such a difference in efficiency for me and other helpers in the kitchen that aren’t even familiar with ours.
  • Using lazy susans in the cupboards for spices and alphabetizing them.  Could sound crazy to some but it helps a. lot.
  • Clearing off and wiping down the bathroom counters every night
  • Having as much as you can containerized.  In my purse and extra bag I have all of my on the go art supplies in a zip pouch, on the go beauty items in a zip pouch, etc.  Pouches are perfect for grabbing and taking to meetings, love.  In my extra bag I carry another zip pouch (I know) with more beauty stuff, my sketchbook, iPad, agenda etc.
  • Mani/Pedi Box- I use a hobby box from the Container Store that is actually for crafts but works perfectly for everything needed when painting your toesies.

What works for you?  Let me know, I could talk about this stuff all day.

Girl Crush – Kate Spade.

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Kate Spade Rose Agenda 2014

In my ongoing quest for getting everything in order, I bought an agenda.  A real, tangible, velvety separators, college ruled and beautiful script filled rose Kate Spade 2014 planner.  It took me a good 20 minutes before I could write in it.  I was frozen just like I am with sketchbooks.

So so pretty.  I have resolved to have one spot for all of my plans, to dos, thoughts, “mind flies”, etc and this is it.  I tried the digital thing and it only took me so far but I can already tell that this planner routine looks promising.  Before I made the plunge I researched how to even use one and I found this excellent article which was originally about kids using planners but then there was a link that gave some back story/help so us adults can get familiar with the idea first.

Man, it is just so pretty.  My girlie side is showing.

It’s all a blur.

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Hi, it has been forever and a day.  November and December are both a blur.  January is time to sit down and take in everything that happened.  The trip to Vancouver was so much fun!  I miss Tom Horton’s Gingerbread White Hot Chocolate and how everything was covered in moss.  I have a new realization about how much I love the sun.  We were there for seven days and for six of them there was no sun.  Just clouds and me getting frustrated with getting the correct exposure so I could really capture the trip.  But then I got some perspective and just enjoyed the company and cherished the memories in my mind.  I’m working on my photography workflow + Lightroom so I’ll have some Vancouver trip photos up soon.  My little 19-month-old girl has a site of her photos over here.

2013 was a good year overall, can’t complain much.  My main goal was to get better with organization and I think I accomplished it.  I learned that organization has a learning curve and I had to just stop and think about how I want to spend my time.  Major things that have been working for us is having a mail center in the kitchen.  It’s a vertical filing bin that has a folder for each of us and our mail gets sorted and put in the folders so they stick out.  Then we know those items are unread.  We both handle our own mail and any junk is immediately shredded/tossed.

Next was finishing up organizing the kitchen.  Last year on New Year’s Eve, I was organizing the pantry.  I couldn’t stand it a second longer so I took everything out, put it in piles of baking, grains, snacks, etc and piled it all back in…neatly.  For the most part we have maintained it so I’m pretty proud about that.  So over the year we kept putting like with like.  IE. The drawer on the left of the stove is all baking utensils.  The bowls and pans are in the lazy susan to the lower left.  All of the tea, coffee and baking cocoa stuff is in the upper left cupboard above the stove, etc.  This has helped out with cooking and baking SO much.  No more sifting through a drawer full of cooking utensils.  At least we have a starting point now, which I love.

For this year my goals are the following:

  • to focus – less time shopping, window shopping, etc and more time focusing on true goals and relationships
  • photograph – shoot but commit more to taking photos and culling them – be cutthroat
  • food – even better choices, eat out less and cook more
  • fitness – even more exercise, amp it up
  • fun – I think the ratio of work to play was a little higher with work last year and this year I want to have more fun.  Be it with reading, exploring, traveling, etc

Lots of goals but why not?  For focus, I am starting today with focusing on hand lettering.  The word on Illustration Friday was “reflect” so I used that.

I’m excited for this year, I am every year.  What are your plans for this year versus last year?

Organization – His & Hers Office/Studio

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Making more progress with everything having a place, organized and designed.  The last room to tackle was Raul’s office.  In the midst of getting other projects done, this room ended up being the parking lot for lost items.  Items we weren’t ready to deal with at the time. We could just close the door when a curious crawling baby, now walking toddler would want to check that room out.  When I took the class on Skillshare, I knew this would be my homework assignment.  As a side note, now I completely understand why “Before” shots (bottom of page) look so bad in the first place.  I know that for me, when I was finally ready to just spend a day on this room, I wanted to get in there and start.  The photos were taken haphazardly because: 1) I didn’t want this documented and 2) I was ready for change and photos just delay the process.












I am so happy with both rooms.  We still have a mini pile but at least it is MINI.  :)  Only have so many hours in the day.  Here are the sad, sad before shots.  But it’s all in the past!

photo 2-2

photo 3-2

I also made a few more tweaks to my office styling and just today I bought a little 4 inch golden pothos plant to add some life to my area.




I’m trying to slowly end the ban we have on plants and introduce more into our home instead of just succulents.  We’re getting there.   Now it’s time to go watch Homeland.  Gnite.

Organization – Office and Entry Closet

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I have already shared here that organization does not come naturally to me.  I was working on it while Raul and I dated, then he moved from his condo into my condo and we had all of this stuff to merge with no storage besides closets.  Then we moved into our first home together about three years ago and making improvements to the home itself did not run parallel with organizing.  We wanted to make our home into a home bit by bit.  Trying to find things we really loved instead of just filling it up.  And there is the part about us being tired from all of the improvements too.  Oh and add to that a baby and everyone said to “let that stuff go and just be with your baby girl”.  And we did.  Now Addy is 16 months old and we can focus more on making our home into our dream home.

So fast forward to present day and you will find me pinning awesomely designed rooms and following organizational blogs.  It’s helping and I’m excited about the results.

Operation Office – So I don’t know if you know but there is this place called SkillShare.  It is an awesome place where professionals share their skills by offering small classes from $19 to $30 on whatever skill is their expertise.  There are classes about digital illustration, photography with iPhones, painting and more.  One of the classes I signed up for was “Interior Styling: Style Your Place Like a Pro”.  Now I am obsessed with Justina Blakeney and couldn’t stop looking at her beautiful site full of beautiful designs this weekend.  This class was not easy and there were some projects I could not do.  In this stage of life styling a coffee table isn’t going to happen plus I think it is too stuffy with what we have going on all around the coffee table area.  Right now this piece of furniture is pushed across the room anyway.


I swear I did not do the Take-A-Crappy-Before-Picture-To-Make-The-After-Picture-Look-Better thing.  I took the pic early in the weekend, we had not installed our new blinds yet, I was just determined to get this project done already.  Also, the piles of books in the before pic is also a result of a little curious toddler who doesn’t give up.  So just like a flood, keep moving things up higher and higher and this is what you get.  To get from A to B took a lot of staring, grumbling but even though my books aren’t together by subject like before, they are easier to find this way.




Now I can see my desk and might actually get some painting done.







I also re-did my arrangement above my other set of drawers.


Operation Entry Closet – We have been battling a growing pile of stuff (shoes, diaper change stuff, the vacuum, etc ) that was piling up at the bottom of our entry closet.  I found a solution at the Container Store (I am a convert and love this place now).  The Platinum elfa Mesh Start-A-Stack works like a dream.  The top drawer holds everything for Addy (her diapers, diaper cream, shoes, etc).  The other drawers are for my shoes/flip flops and Raul’s shoes/flip flops.  Just enough room on the side for the vacuum to still live in there too.


Two areas done!  Hoo-rah!