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A school of fish on a Friday.  I rhymed.

Not really.




I let go more and just had fun painting this week.  Trying to make this a daily practice.

I Heart Firemen.

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So last Friday I was dropping off baby girl at my parents’ and everything was going great.  I decided to take a different street than I usually do when I leave my parents’.  The street with a Starbuck’s drive thru of course.  All of a sudden instead of feeling like I was driving on pavement, I felt like I was driving on a rocky dirt road.  I was on a two lane street so I pulled over to the right.  I jumped out real quick to see what happened and just as I thought, a flat tire.  I was trying to text my husband because I honestly didn’t know who I should call first.  Before I could send my text I saw flashing lights in the back and instead of the police, it was a fire truck.

The next thing I knew I was being asked if I had a donut in the back, I said yes and one of the firemen said, “Since you have a spare tire on you we can change it for you!”.  I was in shock and still am.  Do firemen really do this?  I guess they do because I was able to sit in my air conditioned car while five firemen changed my tire in less than 10 minutes.  I was beaming from ear to ear when I said, “Thank you!!” and headed to Starbucks after all.

So.  Amazing.  Has anything out of the ordinary like that happened to you?

Do share, such a blessing!

P.S. I have a scanner now and it is the

Happy Father’s Day Buffet.

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It seems like there is either nothing to do or everything do at once here in Colorado.  This weekend was no exception.  We went to Denver Comic Con last year but this year it fell while we are getting our deck refinished finally (hallelujah!), our 6th wedding anniversary and Father’s Day.  I wanted to do something a little different for this anniversary since we usually go out to eat.  So this time I made plans, kept a secret and Raul didn’t know what we were doing until we arrived at our destination.  The surprise was taking a date night cooking class at Sur La Table!  It was awesome and neither of us have done that before.  We made scallops with prosciutto, pan seared pork tenderloin over roasted cauliflower and a chocolate gelato with balsamic strawberries on top.  So much fun and now I’m not as scared of non-stick pans as I was before.

Sunday it was all about Father’s Day so we met up with Raul’s mom and my parents over at Fresh Fish Company for their buffet.  I think the last time we went to the buffet there was before we were married so we couldn’t wait to have it again.  I can never gauge buffets right, I go in light, feel like I’m not eating much and then I pile on the food.  All of a sudden I am at the point of no return and just want to sit there while all of the different foods settle before we leave.  Of course Raul wasn’t fazed at all and Addy was just mesmerized by the fish.

I hope you had a Happy Father’s Day too.

I Heart Shopping.

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Flower Child No. 1

I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about how much I love to shop.

Shopping for baby clothes, decorating our house, buying myself clothes or beauty products.  It is my zen.  Best of all is going to the art supply store.  Of course there aren’t any that are close to my house so it’s always a trek with a well thought-out list.

I took a hand lettering class on Skillshare and one of the materials was a Palomino Blackwing pencil. I got the assorted variety so I could try them all out.  No stores here sell them so since I was going Amazon crazy with ordering things for baby girl’s 2nd birthday this month (I’m in so much denial with how fast time is flying), I threw in some art items I have been coveting.  I’ve been sketching but I haven’t used my pencils yet.  I’ll update here when I do.  I also ordered a book that I have checked out of the library probably 5 times at least, no lie.  Water Paper Paint is the best book for someone who is interested in experimenting with watercolor.  Not only are the exercises good but the author has style so the finished products look wonderful as well.

You can follow me on Pinterest where I have a pretty popular watercolor board but I pin style faves, house interiors, etc. If I could purchase everything I absolutely would, it’s my virtual wishlist of sorts.