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Bunny Invites

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1st Birthday

I have been killing projects left and right.  One of those projects was getting everything together for my baby girl’s first birthday in a little less than three weeks.  I wanted to do something different and add my own design as well.  Didn’t think I would be able to do it but her birthday falls in spring and then bunnies came to mind and then “Some Bunny is turning ONE” appeared.  I’m happy with the invites and since they are out now, I can share with you.  These were created in AI and I was able to make my handwriting into a vector illustration for the type.

Plans are still underway but I wanted to document some progress.

I’ll tell you more about the other project VERY soon.

Process + Play

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I’ve been looking longingly at my camera and at my painting supplies for awhile now.  I vow to document more and play with my process of shooting and filling my blank watercolor canvases.

Right now my process is making a sketch, scanning it in and adjusting the size in Photoshop.  For this one the final is 6 ” x 8″.  I then print out the sketch with crop marks, cut it down and place it on top of watercolor paper on top of my light box.  Then I lightly trace my sketch onto the watercolor paper.  This whole time I am thinking of a color scheme and just putting the colors together in my mind.  I have pictures I’ve been inspired by in magazines or catalogs (love Anthropologie, Madewell and JCrew).  They are great places to look for color combos.

Now it’s time to paint and I jump from section to section around the painting, waiting for sections that are right next to each other to dry completely.  A little over a week ago I finished this peacock painting and it took all day.  I was entertaining my 10 month old in between waiting for washes to dry and I posted the progress bit by bit on Twitter.

This beautiful peacock can be flown to your home because he’s been added to my shop!

One of my dreams is to have a show in a gallery, I want it to come true soon.  Thanks for reading, I hope this gives a little insight into how these illustrations come to life.

Going Green

Work in Progress





I am taking an online watercolor class called “Going Green” by Vinita Pappas.  The things I wanted to get out of this class the most was how to mix color, see another artist’s process and just see better.  It helps that it is a loose class, meaning you get the assignments and work on them in your own time during the three week course.  Homework is due on Mondays but that is mainly just an incentive not to fall behind.

First we completed color charts to see how different yellows combined with different greens.  Then we mixed colors and tried to place them in the correct quadrants, I messed up in a few spots but I have a much better understanding now. You can tell where I am in my life by seeing the next two pics, they are results of color hunting.  Finding green objects, yellow objects and blue objects.  Then trying to mix their colors on a scrap piece of paper.  (See “nose sucker” for a light blue and “zip and play” for my yellow).

I was interested in Vinita’s “Loosen Up” class too but there was no way I could attempt that with a 2-3 week old.  This class is great, frustrating at times but that is all a part of change right?  So far, so good!

It Takes a Village

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Next week marks 35 weeks so we have been hitting our to do list hard.  

Neither one of us are into crazy pink and when we bought our house last year, the house was a hot mess.  There was a lot to be done and covering up crazy paint jobs/holes was part of that.  This room is about 10′x10.5′ and it was originally primary red and blue.  Something was bolted onto the wall and required a lot of patchwork so we just went with fresh Benjamin Moore Dove White in Eggshell finish.  If you are a member of  Pinterest you can view my “For Baby” board.

This week our blinds came in and the blackout curtains were hemmed so we put those up this weekend.  I’ll try to put links for any item I can find links for.  The first thing I found for the nursery was the bedding (Dwell Studio – Menagerie) and everything was a jumping off part from there.  We got the crib (which changes into a day bed, toddler bed and full bed) from Costco.  The dresser/changing table is from Costco as well.  The changing table part comes off so it can turn into a dresser and hopefully last a very long time.  The mirror is the Hemnes mirror from IKEA.


Since the room isn’t the biggest in the world, storing what we want has been a challenge.  I love the look of books with their covers facing out but I couldn’t find bookshelf/picture ledges that would do the trick.  Then we came upon the Ribba shelves from IKEA and it was love.  They work perfectly!  The ottoman is a storage ottoman that came with another one inside.  Purchased on sale from Kohl’s.


This is a watercolor painting I painted awhile ago, shows mama, dad and baby.  There is a close-up down below.  We found the creamy taupe blackout curtains from The Great Indoors.  Had to get them hemmed since 84′ was too short and 95′ was way too long.


This super cute jungle music mobile is wind up and plays Brahm’s Lullaby.  Purchased at Babies R Us.


I think this is the second thing we bought after bedding.  Love this cloud lamp from IKEA.





So we are SO happy with how things are coming together and I just had to share.  My parents came over this weekend and helped us measure, level and mark so the mirror and bookshelves look just right.  Still getting used to having a house and being able to do whatever you want to the walls.  Ledges/shelves are my new favorite thing.  We bought one more shelf that is deeper, but now I can’t think of where it can go.  We have other bigger toys like that carrot that we’d like to put on a deeper shelf.

Still choosing a glider and the closet only has like 4 outfits on teeny tiny hangers.

Work in progress continues!

Lazy Tiger

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lazy tiger

I wish I could be like this lazy tiger and lay about all day.  I’ve been absent here but for tons of good and not so good reasons.

  • Focusing on this Alphabet Book, hauling butt with much needed progress
  • Had my computer checked out since my Applecare ends in a little over a month *sniff*
  • Got a brand new display and upgraded my ram, made a big difference!
  • Working on the casa, this is no joke and the list never ends.  Friends and family warned us lots
  • Taking photos of the casa, post-processing in hopes of sharing sooner than later
  • Thinking about changes to this site, better display of my portfolio
  • Researching via Twitter.  Seriously, lots of experienced friends on there with knowledge to share
  • Getting prepped for the Colorado chapter of SCBWI conference happening next month
  • Trying to enjoy the littlest bit of summer we have left.  I waited so long and it is over already?  Hmph.
  • Almost forgot!  Raul and I saw Death Cab for Cutie in concert at Red Rocks last Wednesday and they were SO good

That’s all I can write right now, need to get back to my projects and preparation.  I have about 10 letters finalized at this point.  Yay me!

Break over, back to work…