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New watercolor illustrations, inking and more.

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I’ve been playing with ink for Inktober (you use ink for the whole month of October), painting with watercolors, putting prints together and just learning always.  If you are interested in learning about inking, I think you should take Jake Parker’s class at Society of Visual Storytelling.  This is a site where you can learn from all the classes you want, yearly or even month to month.  It has been a big help for me.

Another help is my littlest babycakes is 8 months old, a bit more independent (little sitter and crawler) so my hands are more free for staying active and in touch here.  My poor poor neglected blog.

But if you follow me on Instagram and/or Periscope, I am much more active there.  @fluximagery is my name everywhere so I would love it if you would add me.  I wanted to pop in and let you know that I have a newsletter now and if you sign up you will be the first to know about blog posts, coupons and the latest news I have to share.

P.S. I launched new prints this week  in my shop and I’m offering 15% off until Saturday, November 7.  Just use code FALL2015!

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Birthday Surprises and Love.

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This month is absolutely nuts but one of the high-points was my birthday.  My oldest nephew, Antoine, has been talking about coming back out to visit from California for awhile and he recently texted me saying he was definitely coming this year in October.  I was excited and left it at that.  The Friday before my birthday weekend (August 9) I came home with the girls and Raul helped me with getting them out of the car and such.  I was holding Z and I came in the house to see an iPhone pointing at me from around the corner.  I had no idea whose hand it was and then my nephew jumped from around the corner and said “Surprise!”.  I could not and still cannot believe it!  It was the best surprise and he recorded the whole thing.  Raul and Antoine had been planning this since April!!  Sneaky and I love surprises so I’m over the moon. 😀

The rest of the weekend was full of hanging out at the zoo, taking pics, chatting it up, playing Ticket to Ride,  eating our fill of homemade food and peach cobbler.  So much love, it was a perfect birthday weekend.

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Deconstructed Mason Jar Salad.

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I’ve been trying my hand at “meal preppin’ for the week” and it’s been a bit of a challenge.  This week I tried one of my many pinned “Salad In a Jar” recipes on Pinterest (@fluximagery/Yum).  I thought my smallish jar might be too small but it worked perfectly.  I filled it halfway with a fuji apple Panera salad dressing, bits of left over grilled chicken from my Quesadilla Explosion Chili’s salad, sunflower seeds, hand-grated carrots and sliced up romaine.  There was no wilting and this type of salad does look best in the jar.

When you pour it onto your plate, not as appetizing but the main goal is health/ease.  Just thought you should know 😉

Have you ever tried this?  I think it’s going to be my new thing.

P.S. You should follow me on Instagram (@fluximagery), I post the most there with sneak peeks of works in progress and more! See you there.

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The Denver Zoo.

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My oh my has this place changed. It was my idea to go to the zoo and Addy was just as excited. I’m the biggest kid of us all sometimes. So we went earlier this month and it was beautiful. Gorgeous weather and I guess we have been out of the loop because some major renovations have taken place since we’ve been gone. I love all of the little artsy touches like the new area for the elephants, a carousel, a little train, etc. So. Nice. The animals actually look happy and they are so close up that you don’t necessarily need a long lens to get any decent shots. Here are some of ours.





































I’m entertaining the thought of getting a membership and I’m not a member to anything, not even the art museum (my absolute favorite).  Also I started a new challenge of 10k steps a day with Raul, the day of the zoo we had 10k-11k, it was awesome.

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The rainbow party.


Rainbow birthday party

Rainbow birthday party

Rainbow birthday party

Rainbow birthday party

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Rainbow birthday party

Rainbow birthday party

Rainbow birthday party

Rainbow birthday party

Rainbow birthday party

Rainbow birthday party

Rainbow birthday party

Rainbow birthday party

It was a success!  So many rainbows and so little time.  For Addison’s third birthday the theme was a rainbow party so I went a little wild.  I painted the invitations with a rainbow in two jars and sent those out.  She had a My Little Ponies Rainbow Dash balloon.  The funfetti cupcakes (my favorite, must have cream cheese frosting on top too) had rainbow cups.  My mom made her traditional peach punch which everyone loves.  She’s a mama so no real measuring, but here are the ingredients: ginger ale, peaches (cut with the skin on), ice and CountryTime lemonade mix.

Pinterest came in handy with some DIY projects.  I made a rainbow balloon arch that turned out great and still looks good after almost a week.  For treat bags, I got rainbow twizzlers, made them into arches and put Rolo candies on the bottom too.  I hope Addy continues to let me do theme parties for awhile longer.  I was worn out but Addy was happy with her party so it was all good!

Also, on my latest YouTube (fluximagery) video I had a secret giveaway if you read the description box.  It was even international!  It’s closed now and the winner is…….Vicki S!  I’ll reach out to you on Instagram to find out what 5×7 print you’d like.

Have a great weekend and hopefully a long one if you are in the states, it’s Memorial Day on Monday here.

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