Hi! I'm Erika, a happy vibe maker via watercolor art prints and paper goods

You can find something super cute (prints, tote bags, mugs, etc) that you would want to display in your home in my Etsy, Spoonflower, Society 6 or Red Bubble products shops.

Say goodbye to boring, plain white walls that don't represent your true fun and creative spirit.

I paint cute playful and whimsical character illustrations for kids and kids at heart.  My work has a place in home decor for chic baby nurseries, girl boss office spaces and children's books; instantly making your home cozy and uniquely you.

Interested in learning how to watercolor paint or want to collaborate?

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1. measure your space

2. order prints that fit

3. enjoy your art


I’m trying to decorate my space (kid’s room, office, etc) and I want something cute, handmade and just plain sweet. Looking for mermaids, birds, nature and more.

I need help tapping into my creative side with watercolors or I have a child who shows interest in learning art and I want to set up a session.

What brushes, paper and books do you recommend for art or just life in general? What is your art process? I share everything I love and highly recommend right here.

“a person’s a person, no matter how small” - dr. seuss



Could NOT resist this little fairy. This watercolor is delicately done in beautiful colors. It's cheerful and conveys a lovely message "Believe"
I'll be back for gifts. Thank you so much.

-- Meena Welsh

Love this bedtime tracker, this will help my youngest with transitioning into bedtime mode!

— CeeCee F

I happen to absolutely adore her illustrations! They kind of make me want to have another baby just so I can fill a whole nursery with her art!

-- McKenna Gordon www.mckennagordon.com/pearls


My name is Erika Barriga and I am a watercolor illustrator who is passionate about helping others make their dreams a reality.  Be it the nursery of your dreams, cozy office space, etc. I fell in love with painting with watercolors, started making personal pieces and then I just never wanted to stop.  I love helping others find happiness in their home spaces by decorating them with my art or giving my art as thoughtful gifts. 

I create to connect people - their interests, their values and their stories. I also put a lot of heart into everything I create and then share with the world.  My customers get to enjoy a space in their home that finally feels right.  A put together space for their little one that they have always dreamed of.  Not "showroom perfect" but "their room perfect".  Handmade, imperfect but home.

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Queen Quail is Quiet is my first children’s book that I wrote and illustrated. My hope is that it helps more little ones love reading as much as my daughters do. It’s an alphabet book that goes through every sound of every letter with fun tongue twisters.

There are sweet animal illustrations with a skating squirrel eating a sandwich, a lemon with a lollipop, a zen zucchini and more!

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