September Washes

Help, I'm being buried by to do lists.

Some are fun and some  are just pure productivity so we don't get overwhelmed in this little household of ours.  Let's talk about summer now that it's over.  One of our dreams came true for a family vacation to Disneyland.  Baby girl was overjoyed and in awe of everything.  So was I, not gonna lie.  It was pretty much two big kids and one toddler on this trip, Mickey ears and all.  Right after the trip I had a birthday, one more cycle around the sun.  I'm self reflecting so much more now and although I've almost always used my old self as a gauge for improving, now it is in overdrive.  Anything I can change to make things better (organizing, painting, time management etc) I'm making the effort to make that change.

I am completely obsessed with YouTube and my latest obsession is Lipstick With Some Sunshine.  She reminds me so much of my cousin Tiffany, my first beauty guru.  She showed me my first foundation which I rushed to get a Prescriptives Tint.  Remember them?  Are they even still in business?  Need to look that up.  Now LWSS is the business, I love her aesthetic, style and just full on makeup curation.  Love.


friends addywithmags

Lately I have been living for the weekends.  Sleeping in.  Cuddling.  Being a couch potato.  Running errands.

One more day.  So ready.  There are two things I added to the list though.

  1. Buy tulips
  2. Eat BBQ

Can you tell I am ready for spring to get here, full force?

Happy Easter.

Untitled We have big plans so far.  We'll possibly go to a community Easter egg hunt if we can get up early enough.  Baby-cakes is only 10 months old so she won't be heartbroken if we don't make it.  Would be fun though.  My parents are coming tomorrow and spending the night so Raul and I can go celebrate a friend's birthday downtown.  I can not wait!!  We are "pub crawling" which involves walking from pub to pub.  Cocktails and food?  It's been awhile and I don't care, just glad to be getting out at night, with adults and having a good time.  Then Sunday will be Easter grub at my parent's house.

Hoping to get a chance to make these marbleized Easter eggs at some point too.

We'll see!

Wishing you and yours a very happy Easter weekend.


I think these wilted petals and leaves are so beautiful.  We bought dahlias for our front yard and didn't know what to do with them when winter hit.  So we left them planted and they shriveled up. Untitled




I loved how they looked.