Happy happy girl.

hello gray keys

love print

So many reasons to smile:

  • the weekend is almost here
  • after running around all day, I'm home
  • I have a great friend that came upon a mirror and gave it to me
  • I'm not cooking tonight
  • I am surrounded by supportive friends and family
  • I am loved and love in return
  • My eyebrow will eventually stop twitching.  It has to.  Right?
  • I have pics of our pale gray bedroom paint and the key wall project.

For the key wall I found the numbers at Anthropologie, the keys at Pottery Barn and the limited edition prints are available in my store.

I'm just happy.  Can't help it I guess.  Happy Thursday!

Illustration Friday - Expire

expire This is my attempt for the theme of Expire for Illustration Friday and it is also an entry for 52 Designs.  Winter has expired, hello spring!  Come as fast as you can please.  We got dumped with snow with a nice March spring storm.  I say that with a lot of sarcasm included. This illustration is available as a limited edition print in my shop.

Now I'm off to go do a boot-camp workout with my friend at her gym.  I am slightly scared, not sure how difficult this is going to be but she assures me it won't be that hard.  We'll see.

Two things that I can't wait until tomorrow for:

  1. Going to check out fabric at Fancy Tiger so I can sew a cute cover for my printer so it is protected from dust.
  2. Going to see the Liberty of London line at Target!

Wish me luck with the workout, goodnight!

Illustration Friday - Subterranean

subterranean Hi there!

This is my attempt for the theme of Subterranean for Illustration Friday and it is also an entry for 52 Designs.  I'm trying to participate every week.  Twelve weeks so far!!

I'm happy = The sun is up later and I can feel spring and summer right around the corner.

I'm not so happy = My cheek is so sore from a gung ho dentist going crazy with the needle yesterday.  Needed a small little filling.

Ow ow.

*This illustration may turn into a limited edition print in my shop.  What do you think?

Illustration Friday - Brave

brave Whenever I see anyone sporting a mohawk, I immediately think they are brave for making that fashion statement.  A pink one is even braver.  I couldn't do it.

Go 'head Grandma.

My attempt for Illustration Friday and 52 Designs.


I have other things going on than just illustrating like a mad woman.  I'm also exercising like one.  This is my third week of hitting the gym for at least 45 minutes of cardio and weights, three to four times a week.  It feels wonderful to get back into my fitness routine.  Not sure how I got off track but I'm being mindful so it doesn't happen again.

Went to my first estate sale the other day and found some good finds.  The sale had a ton of photography equipment along with collector's edition model cars.  Most of the things I got had some great vintage quality to it from the 1930s.  My mom met me at the sale and found the LP for West Side Story at another estate sale up the street.  Now I just need a record player.  ;)  But I love that musical so I'm just happy to have it.

I see some buds peeking out and I can't wait until things start to bloom.  I am so ready for spring, not even funny.