Tap Pat Tap

I can't stop sneezing and it's freezing cold in my building. Right now wearing jean capris seems silly but soon I will go outside and the heat will let me know I made the right wardrobe decision. It has been HOT! Crazy hot and it's getting harder to plan what to wear for this weather.

Less than 30 days before the words "back to school" apply to me. I'm always anxious before a semester starts. New people, not knowing what to expect, new professors, etc. I just sent off photojournalism internship applications yesterday to all of my local news stations. Cross your fingers, pray, or just keep me in your thoughts k? I want the best experience and best fit possible.

This past weekend was fun. On Friday my friends and I wanted to see the Bourne Supremacy so since I had been up since 4:20am (new shift), I had to take a 2 hour nap before the 10:40pm showing. I don't know how I did it, but I did. The movie was alright. There was a lot of shaking of the camera and there were some predictable parts too. The best part for me was the preview for Ray based on the life story of Ray Charles. Jamie Foxx looks perfect for the role. After I saw Ali I could tell he had a broader range than I thought.

On Saturday I got my eyebrows shaped (woo wee) and hung out at home. Later I went to my friend's house to hang with him, his new girl, and her friends. They played Mexican dominoes (I don't know how to play) and then everyone wanted pie so we went to Marie Callendars. That was some good pie!

Sunday I went to church and then my brother dropped off my niece with me so we could go to my company bbq. The event was held at Heritage Square which is a miniature Magic Mountain. Very miniature. You should only be allowed to enter with a child or it's a waste of time in my opinion. It was fun to make my niece happy though and she was so good. No tantrums, no episodes, nada. And when it was time to go it was no problem. She rode a miniature pony, the ferris wheel, the carousel twice, and a kiddie train. I got freaked out by the ferris wheel though because I'm a pansy and the ride controller (is that his name?) pumped the gas when we started up. It felt like we were on a roller coaster at first because we started up so fast! I had a great time with my niece though. Aaahh, I love that kid. :)

As for the title of this post. (see above) That's what I did yesterday and what I'm doing right now. I get my hair done today and I'm way overdue. If I scratch my head, the perm will hurt. So I tap and pat my head. Tricking my head into thinking I'm scratching it and making the itching sensation go away. It doesn't work but that doesn't stop me.

tap...pat....tap tap...pat. ugh!