Girlie Girl

I am one and now that side is really starting to come out. I don't know what happened but now I wear heels to work, I love skirts, and basically anything that moves if I want to twirl. Girlie frilly stuff. One thing that hasn't changed much is keeping up with new lines of clothes. I like stores like Gap, JCrew, Banana Republic, American Eagle, etc. I'm into accessories more than anything but I'll go way off the mark if I start going into that. Back on track. I keep checking out the new stuff and I'm getting disappointed because about 80% of the stuff is stuff I can't wear. Or couldn't wear comfortably. I love my bras and I'm blessed with just enough so all of these camisoles and stuff like this I just can't wear without being scared of "peek a boo" moments throughout the day. And what's up with these open neck sweaters too?! I almost forgot this too. I saw a top similar to this one but mine had two straps and it was really cute. I could bend over and nothing plopped out. However, if you wear this sans bra, you might as well call this top "The Areola" because that is all you'll see. I don't think it would look flattering with a strapless bra because it's already crinkly and I'd be adding bumps with a bra.

How are women wearing these??? I can only see them wearing them if they are an A cup or it's clearly for the photo shoot and that's it.

So cute but just not practical. Let me in on the secret. :)

P.S. -I've been good all day. A Nutri Grain bar and a Special K bar for breakfast. Drinking water. Salad and half of a stuffed chicken breast for lunch (white meat!). And healthy Wheat Thins for a snack.

I'm about to ruin it all when I get home and make the pound cake again. I'm halfing the recipe though! For reals. With light vanilla ice cream on top. (Please God don't turn me into a "big girl".)