Mark My Words

this is my friend johanna.  she is due in october but is hoping to have the baby late september.  she's expecting a baby boy and his name will be Dylan.  thank you so much for letting me capture your moment jo!
photofriday - "mother" [mouse over for details]

Some words are written to the right of this text and dated 06.22.04. That was a month ago? Already? Those words to the right are true and I'm working on it. I promise.

I have a ton on my plate right now and here's a little peek: +digital art +illustrations +drawing better +getting store up and running +applying for photojournalism internships (cover letters, resumes, letters of recommendation, getting official transcripts, and sending them all out in time) +talk to each and every person I applied with and then going to interviews +getting prepared for fall semester +keeping my spirits up when it feels like I will NEVER graduate (this is difficult) +knitting items for store +knitting items for myself and others +having a social life

I need to get this stuff done. Plus I need to get my store/donation area set up so I can save for my camera. I'm anxious, excited, scared, and nervous all at the same time. *deep sigh*

cpr - I hope you're still excited about the nine faces!! :::presses ear to monitor:::

P.S. - Photo friday submission for mother will be posted when I get home later today.