photofriday - "ocean"

I can barely open my eyes and my body is numb. I feel like I left it behind in bed at home and I'm jealous of my sleeping self. I can't wait to be reunited with it. So sleepy and exhausted.

This weekend my family is getting together to have a real family dinner. This will be the first of many. Besides that, I should be able to reveal two of my surprise knitting projects. Remember those? haha. Then there is the usual cleaning ritual and a part of me wants to see Anchorman.

Have you seen it? Is it any good?

Here are some weekend links:

huny - we went to high school together and she is not only blessed with a huge vocabulary, she also knows how to use it. her latest entry on trust hurt my heart. it upsets me that I can relate.

pearl - one of my original inspirations when I started having a website and she still is. she's been away for a long time and now she's back again. she's having her 2nd child soon so she'll probably have another hiatus. have to savor those pearl entries!

brenmae - another early inspiration because of her drawings. her art was great. sporadic entries but worth the wait.

cricketsnewyork - cute illustrations and products. reminded me of luc's artwork.

Have a great weekend!

(sorry jacqueline, I'll send you an email tonight)