Party All The Time

Since training has changed my schedule this week, I was able to go out and shake my booty last night. And when I say shake my booty, I mean shake IT! There was a mix of country music and hip hop. Unlikely combination (not too unlikely since we have Bubba Sparks) but it was cute to see people two stepping on the circular wooden dance floor for 5 songs straight. Then having it switch up to top 40 hip hop and everyone dancing to that. The place was huge and I lost my friends. I couldn't find them all at one given time until about 2 hours later. I would run into one, then someone else would be in the bathroom, then someone else would "be right back", etc. Since I was alone, I was more susceptible to conversations. And I had a ton of conversations with cuties and not so cuties. Those guys had a lot on their minds last night, a lot to talk about.

I wanted to get asked to dance by someone who knew how to two step so I got in position. Standing up by the area to get on the dance floor and looking promising guys directly in the eyes.

It didn't work. No two steppin' for me and a friend that I hadn't seen in awhile was there too. Now why was he making fun of the country dancing and sure enough this woman who knew her stuff had dragged him out onto the floor. He won't admit it, but I know he had a good time.

I like going to the club to meet new people, bump into old people, and just unwind to music and bright lights flashing to the beat. I didn't get to bed until 2:30am and woke up for work by 6:45am.

Plus, I'm going to happy hour after work today.

What's gotten into me?