I hate spammers that leave advertisements for their porn on comments. Get your own site and sell all the sexual assistance drugs you want. Ugh. Anyway. My mom fixed her sewing machine so I can make my knitting needle case sooner than I thought. I've never used a sewing machine before so this should be interesting. I'm excited but I don't want to break her 30+ year old sewing machine. Now I just need to find two more fabrics that compliment the two I already have. If mine turns out great, I'll make extras and sell them!

What do ya think? :)

As for knitting, I would be finished so much faster if I had seaming down. It makes me want to knit everything in the round so I never have to seam again. I took one of my surprises to another one of my LYS and the woman helping me ended up making a mistake so I'll have to come back in to get that fixed. The stitches weren't lining up properly. Mistakes happen and seaming is tricky.