This is how I felt today. Hot, muggy, uncomfortable, and calculating. It was 97 degrees today and it felt just as hot as it did on our road trip through Utah and Nevada. When the temperatures were ranging from 105 - 115. Just the wind blowing was scorching our skin. I love the sun, but not this much. It makes it harder to work on my winter sweater.

It wasn't all bad though. In the raging heat, I stopped to see my grandma on my way home so I could drop off her bag. She loved it and doesn't even want snaps to close it. Two things come up next month. My birthday (August 9th) and fall semester (August 23rd). In the meantime I have other things in the works. Trust me.

P.S. -Uh oh, someone's getting inspired. I had to share these links. justin degarmo via loobylu seam ripper via loobylu as well

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