Back to Work

So tomorrow is my first day back after being off from work for nine days. Nine days and I'm a little freaked out about going back. Training for a new project starts tomorrow. I just have to re-adjust all over again but I'll get through it. These past nine days have been crazy and I still can't believe everything that's happened. I finished my Nanny's purse yesterday. Now I just need to find large snap closures for it. So much was going on that I forgot my hair appointment on Saturday. I went to see Spiderman 2 (awesome flick) with B and when I got out I had three missed calls. One of the calls was a message from the salon asking where I was because I had an appointment at 4:15.

I hope I get another appointment sometime soon.

edit - I have a new appointment! 15 days baby. I didn't want to go retro and rock a 'fro.