Another Photofriday

photofriday - "cool"

A relaxing day. It's about time. Today was my last day off from work and payday. Can't get much better. :)


I've been working on the Marsupial Tote and I think it's going to turn out really cute. Not too flashy for my grandma. Just right. I have to stop by Jo Anns to get two metal snaps and more stitch markers. I was thinking I would change the design on the sleeves of my Skully to something else but it might be too much work. Maybe I'll find another pattern somewhere and be able to make it big enough so it would fit the sleeves. I like nepenthe's dead fish and little squirrel. I need to write her to see if she'd hook me up with the patterns :)

marsupialtote_01_tn.jpg marsupialtote_02_tn.jpg marsupialtote_03_tn.jpg skully_01_tn.jpg skully_02_tn.jpg