Sir William

Babies babies everywhere.  Chloe had her little William this week and two of the supervisors at work announced they are pregnant as well.  Something is in the water lately.  I think I'll stick with orange juice for now.

So my friends are saying that I'm all about the excuses.

No illustrations and life has been getting in the way.  I'm trying to regain my balance and spend more time doing what I love.  My schedule has been working, working overtime, running errands, moving, painting, rinse and repeat.  Raul's place is spotless and once we clear out a couple more items, it will be ready to show.  I am praying for an extraordinary tenant!  Or at least someone who treats the condo with lots of care.  Even after giving tons to goodwill, friends or the trash, we still have so much to go through and organize.  The plan for this weekend is to clear out the office so there will be room to work.

I am looking forward to having some breathing room in there.   Then I can take decent pics of the paint to show here and not be completely embarassed.


It's September???  2008 is almost over.  Unbelievable.