Hot Air

It's been a long time since I worked with traditional art mediums.  Working in Illustrator has never given me a hand cramp like I have right now.  We were doing good with the painting progess to injury ratio.  Using rollers and brushes in the living room, kitchen, office and bedroom.  But when it got to the nooks and crannies of the kitchen, a roller was much too big so I used the brush for the whole thing.  My right hand is slightly swollen so I've been giving it a rest.

But the results are soooo worth it.  I can't wait to show but for now you'll have to make due with a shot from the balloon festival last weekend.  My friend Angelique and I got to the event around five in the morning and had a blast.

I'd never done that before, it was unreal.  A few more shots here.

P.S. Saebom, send me an email.