The Land of Paint

We're building our nest bit by bit and things are coming together. This next phase of merging and organizing involved some painting as well. After multiple hot baths in lavendar epson salt due to that capoeira class, I recovered enough to pick up the painting supplies and go for it.

My condo has been white white white since I moved into it around 2000. (I know.) So it was time for a change. I am in love with Ralph Lauren's paint. We chose Rowan White for the living room and it's a creamy and warm shade. Making it very cozy in here.

I've always wanted an accent wall in the office and my favorite color is blue. Need something to give those creative juices a little nudge.ย  There is a little splash of blue on the wall in the office and a splash of a lighter neutral shade than the living room in the bedroom.

Thinking those over before we go full speed ahead.

Thank God for Friday tomorrow. I am about to crash as I type.