Tsmungi! - Bless you

photofriday - "clouds"

The photo friday challenge this week is really beautiful. The other works are worth checking out.

After work I ended up going to the yarn shop again. I had to pick up a cable needle and one skein of Noro Silk Garden. Even though I said I was going to stop buying stuff, it's HARD when everything is 25% off until July 11th. They're killing me. Yesterday I learned to seam so I should be done with one of my secret projects pretty soon. I found the site, www.habutextiles.com, and I'll give them a call sometime. Thanks Becky :)

When I did a gauge for the skully I had 16 stitches when I should have had 13 and when I went up to size 11 needles the yarn looked too sloppy. If I can knit a little loosely with the size 10s it should be perfect. I guess I'm one of those knitters that knits too tight.

"Oh that's right. We'll have to swing by her grave too." I'm watching the Royal Tennenbaums again. Have a good weekend!