Don't Whistle

Now ladies, I have a question for you. Does a guy whistling at you ever work? Was that how you met your husband or your boyfriend of something plus years?

Why do these guys think that works?! I went to a store to check out card stock and such and sure enough this group of guys looks over and starts whistling from across the street. Stop the maddness. What was the result? No numbers were exchanged, of course. Whistling, booming systems, and yelling "hey ma" across the way don't work. Dumb.

After the Skully sweater I'm going to be done with knitting for a minute and focus on saving for my camera. Right now I'm working on three secrets, my booga bag, and the sweater. I keep seeing cute patterns with cables in them and I want to work on something with cables in it. I found the picture below in Interweave Knits Summer 2004. It's made with one skein of tsmungi silk and three skeins of paper moire. Yum. I'm finding cute things everywhere.


I'm still open to suggestions so if you've thought of something for the camera fund, let me know.

Unrelated: I found another great link that's going on my dailies page. Nepenthe has some adorable knitted projects and freebies. These strawberries are one of them. Aww.

By the way, does anyone know where you can find Paper Moire and Tsmungi Silk? I'm not having any luck on the internet and no local yarn stores carry it. This pattern was made by someone in Japan. I wonder if I can only get this from Japan. From a site I can't translate. :( This is the closest I've come so far.