Retro Fabric

This past weekend was a full one. Friday - I just hung out at home and knitted until my eyes couldn't stay open anymore.

Saturday - woke up at 8:30am, straightened up my place, and met J at Cost Plus. This was right around the corner from the Farmer's market where I picked up some strawberries and cherries. Really good and I never get a chance to stop by the Farmer's market because they close so early (1pm). Then we drove over to Broadway and started walking down the street to see all of the art stores. Broadway is one of the main streets in Colorado and you can find a lot of good finds on it. We walked and found thrift stores, consignment stores, stores with retro clothes and fabrics, a shop with nothing but bath fixtures, etc. Also, I finally got to check out this store called "Fire it Up" where you paint ceramics and make your own art. It's $8 to use their equipment plust the cost of whatever you're painting. Their examples were so nice, it made you want to make a ton of stuff. Checking out all the stores was pretty fun. I need to stop trying on rings since nothing ever fits my middle fingers. I tried on a plastic rose ring and it got stuck. The owner had to use lotion to get it off. Embarassing. J found a hat and I found some fabric for my knitting needle case. One flowery fabric and a denim type fabric with white and red stripes. I think I got about 8 yards for $16. Now I have to find two more fabrics and I'll be set. Well, I need to find a sewing machine too and then I'll really be set. My mom's looking for one so for selfish reasons, I'm waiting until she gets hers :) The rest of the day was full of shrimp tempura roll, knitting, watching 21 Grams again at a friends' house, rain, and eating ice cream.

Sunday - went to church. It was our pastor's 50th birthday so everyone pitched in to get him a new pulpit. That thing is huge!! They should scale it down because it makes him look teeny behind it. I borrowed 50 First Dates from my friend and it was adorable. Talk about a great date flick. There's so much chemistry between Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. The walrus and penguins were extra cute too. The rest of the day was spent with family.

Knitting - I finished knitting the booga bag and now I just need to felt it. How does everyone find something to block bags that just magically fits? Strange. I have to search for cardboard, cut it up, and make some assemblage of cardboard and plastic bags. I've started the skully sweater and it's coming along. I have to stop by the store AGAIN to learn how to do a knit one purl one bind off for one of my secret projects. :( yippee ;)

P.S. Thank you for sending me emails about brainstorming. You guys amaze me with your business sense and endless ideas. You're the bomb.