Sorry for the Delay

my dad The camera is here! All charged up, heavier, and beautiful. I got the kit with the 28-135mm lens, lens hood, extra battery and the battery grip. Taking a little getting used to but I am in love. So in love.

Yesterday was perfect.

I took a half day from work so I could be at my parents' when the camera arrived because UPS refuses to deliver to my house without a signature. I was just hanging out and Jo called me up to hang out with her. So when I went to Target to find her, I found an old friend of mine and her son....who is going to college. The last time I saw my friend, her son was probably seven and now he's in college! Those are the moments that make me feel old. Eventually I caught up with Jo and we went to the mall, came back home and five minutes later DING DONG, there's UPS at the door.

We had Nuggets tickets from work so we took my parents out. Box seats. It was fun, my parents' first time in box seats and Raul's first time at a basketball game. The batteries were all charged on the camera so I was able to test it out finally.Β  The game was fun and our Blue Moons hit the spot.

More shots on flickr.