Oodelalee, What a Day

cool chair Is it weird I like to shoot cemeteries?  They are oddly beautiful to me.

Today was the worst.  One perfect day, then one crappy one.  I guess that's life right?

I felt some real wedding anxiety and that just wasn't fun at all.  It's tough trying to plan everything while not hurting anyone's feelings.  Just keeping everyone chill and happy.  Slowly I'm learning it's just not possible.  Anyway, I'm past that things are cleared up now.  Then I had a beauty session for my brows that had me crying from disappointment.  Not happy with the results and maybe I just needed a release because the tears flew effortlessly.  Not at the salon, but when I drove my car around the corner to vent to Jo, they came easier.

I did some emotional eating at my favorite crepe shop downtown.  Big ol crepe with two scoops of ice cream, powdered sugar, fruit and chocolate.  I haven't done that in a long time and it wasn't a good feeling to realize I was doing it.  I was in a "I deserve this" mood.  So I devoured the sweet treat and since the day was beautiful I didn't want to go straight home.  On my drive I stopped at the cemetery and shot around.

I love to shoot cemeteries.  It brightened my day.

Happy Friday!  Thank you Jesus.