Every now and then I go in for brow maintenance. I try not to get carried away like I did for years with the same aesthetician. When I was in highschool I begged my mom to take me to a department store so I could get my eyebrows done. This lady would wax the heck out of them. Same brow shape for everyone type of thing going on. This was the early '90s so it is what it is. Then I started going to this other lady who primarily plucked. So a different shape for everyone, more time, but she almost took off the whole brow as well. Looking back at those photos makes me cringe, I had probably half of my brows removed. To top it off, I had my friends going to her as well and we quickly found that we could not talk to the lady while she did our brows. That would result in even more of our brows being destroyed. So after awhile I stopped going to her too and since then I've found a pretty cool salon called Brows on Upper 15th. It's a little far and out of the way, but I only go now and then and the pricing is reasonable. This last time, yesterday, I decided to have my brows threaded instead of plucked. This was an interesting experience, I teared up. To me, it felt like getting a rubberband twisted in your hair and then pulling. But a teeny tiny fairy sized rubberband. I'm digging the shape and all, they are still thick but groomed. Later on I did notice a small spot where she accidentally removed some skin. That was where I really teared up because I felt my skin get caught but now I know it left a mark.

No more caterpillar brows, for now. Is it too early to make an appointment before the wedding?


I'm getting geared up for NaBloPoMo, can you tell? ;)