"Please don't make me look like a geisha or a drag queen". That is what I wish I had the nerve to say everytime I go to the make-up counter to test out products. Instead I say, "I'm looking for something natural, not caked on, etc." A few days ago I went on a mini mission to test out wedding make-up at the mall. I sat down, confidently told the artist I was planning on doing my own make-up (not sure really), and went from there.

The look was nice, but the eye shadow was probably a little too crazy. I did walk out of there with a new powder that I had been checking out for awhile. The MineralizeSkinfinish/Natural in Medium Dark is awesome. I usually don't wear foundation because it's nightmare to find the right one. The powder is great so far, it gives a nice finish and I'm not too dry looking. Just powdery and fresh.

I'll think about the other products. By the end we had four eyeshadows, five brushes, one powder, mascara, concealer, blush, and lipstick. Woo wee.