I wanted to post something and then I got caught up with changing things here. So I posted on a forum and was immediately told, "First things first, upgrade!". And I did.

Now I have nothing to post because everything seems so taboo. Not that I completely believe in jinxes but, I kinda do. So talking about choosing a dj is taboo. Talking about my car that keeps having crazy huge estimates when I all I wanted was an oil change is taboo. There was something else that I wanted to say was taboo but my mind is drawing a blank.

I've been doing that a lot lately. Like yesterday when I was talking to my friend about spf. No matter the brand, type, whatever, I get a reaction so I haven't found a spf. So I'm telling her this story and I had to stop mid story and ask, "What was I saying?" Embarassing, what is up with the short term amnesia?

And now I remember the third thing, it was talking about my camera repair is taboo.

See what I mean?!