The Hike

This was taken on the way back on our hike this morning in Morrisson. Nature and I have our differences so I'm usually not out there hiking but Raul heard of this trail and we decided to get up early and try it. Everything was fine until we were on our way back and the temp steadily began to rise to 96 degrees. When we got back to the car we had some Liks ice cream, we deserved a refreshing treat, and it was so good. Jack Daniels Chocolate Chip and Graham Cracker. So so good. Other shots are over here.

Some creative juices have been flowing about the wedding so that's good. I want a lot of fun surprises so I can't share too much here. Bummer dude. I probably won't be able to stick with that though, our date is June 14, 2008. What I can say is that I'm trying to create my own things here and there, incorporating photography and illustration so it's coming along. This part is exciting.

One thing I didn't count on was being so envious of other brides.  I have a few wedding magazines and every bride who's already jumped the broom is so lucky to be on the other side.  I'm loving most of the planning but I do want to fast forward to living in one place (we both own our condos), the honeymoon, etc.  Mostly the wedding day, no more planning and it's only been almost three months.  Then the brides who are ultra creative and their weddings were so beautiful, yea, envious again.

I'm a pansie and a half.