I'm not in California.

Plans fell through and I've been here at home cleaning my place top to bottom. Trying not to think about how I was supposed to be at Disneyland with my nephews and niece all day today. It sucks. My brother's family was supposed to move before I got there, they didn't, and I just decided to come out another time. Maybe next month even but I doubt Disneyland will happen. Have you ever canceled a flight? Don't do it, don't ever do it.

Instead, I watched Shopgirl this morning, then I started cleaning. I found a spider and went a little overboard with the cleaning but it looks great in here. So maybe the spider was a good thing. I think I cleaned for about...five hours today. I want to get touch up paint for the banisters and new blinds because the plastic is yellow on one side. Maybe even paint more than that, who knows. I'm waiting for my pizza to arrive. Pizza Hut still can't find my address after six years so I ordered Papa John's.

I wish I had gone to California. I miss my family.